Twice Adopted!

Some of you may not know that I was adopted twice!

When I was three months old my Mom and my father were divorced.  My Mom went through some painful times, but she was a fighter and survivor.  She made for us a great life those years we were on our own.

She had been dating this guy for a few years that I really liked.  He would help me with train sets and play ball with me and we would all go on nature walks to the local parks or just out in the woods close by.  I’m sure that as a toddler and preschooler, I must have gotten on his nerves a time or two, but I really did like him and it was nice to have a guy around to play ball with or trucks.  No offense Mom…just guy stuff.

When I was five, Ron Barnes married my Mom and adopted me.  Wow!  Now I had a Dad!  Now again, I’m sure I must have gotten on his nerves as a kid, teenager and college student during this time, but I had a great life with my Mom and Dad growing up.  I’m sure as a kid I never told them, but I was happy.  Before him, I had a birth father, but I never had a DAD.  We started a new life in Lawrenceville, GA and then shortly moved to Dacula where my folks and my wife and I and our kids live now. 

Now my Dad is a GRANDDADDY, as we call him today and he’s Dad to a few more kids.

That was one great adoption for me!

Also, when I was 17 years old I was adopted as an heir to the kingdom of God.  I began a whole new relationship with God, now as my Father in heaven, who loved me enough to sacrifice His Son for my sins.  I’ll never forget His and Jesus’ sacrifice or stop living for them.

So, I am a pretty fortunate guy by being adopted twice.  For me Father’s day is always a time to stop and remember all that has been done and sacrificed for me to have an earthly Father and a heavenly Father.

I love you, Dad.  I love you, God.



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  1. nice dude! God knew what He was doing and He had you strategically placed and strategically placed you in the lives of those around you. Rest on that!

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