61208 – The New Dream

Today is a great day!  God is amazing!  He can take the smallest things and change a perspective, a future, a life and I get to play in His plan.

I have a NEW Dream.  In the midst of all I have going on God helped me to see it today!  TEARS…..TEARS…..and more TEARS……..

Sometimes when things are different than the way you had imagined, your hope takes a hit.  HOPE is huge.  It’s the driving force in everything we do.  It’s our purpose and desire.  It’s the energy that keeps us focused on bad days as well as good days. 

I want to encourage anyone who needs encouraging today.  If there is something that you are good at or have a desire that honors God and matches up with His desires… Go for it!  You don’t have to wait on a life change like a situation, relationship, new hobby, new occupation to pursue your NEW DREAM.  Start now!  It may lead to some new opportunities for you.  Be alert to God’s whisper and don’t be so hard headed that you don’t recognize it when you see it.

My bible and a book called DREAM GIVER are my GO TO for help with this.  

Thanks God, just in time! 


5 Responses

  1. Sweet! It’s so over used, and might therefore sound sort of trite — but, isn’t God awesome?!?! Go for “it” Eric… and I hope your encouragement will give others the impetus to go for “it” also. You’ve certainly encouraged me… many, many times —– and now, once again.

  2. Hi Eric,

    It’s good to see that you are living your dream. I was tracking Dacula and ran across your site.

    I’m living my dream, too. God bless us both and give us the strenght to make each day a blessing for the people we touch.

    Email me

  3. Hey Eric!

    Thanks for the encouragement brother! I’m glad to see that you are doing well and the Lord moving in your life. I hope you will be sharing your new dream on your site! I am subscribing so I can keep track. See you soon!


  4. I am so glad God still talks to us even when we think he isn’t listening. Live on brother!!

  5. keep looking up, bruda! that’s where our hope is!!! be blessed. fp

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