Johnny Hunt – Mr. President

I like Johnny Hunt.  Over fifteen years ago, I sang in a group that included two people from his church, Paul Smith and Leslie Sites and the group was called H.I.S.  Paul and Leslie, both belonged to Woodstock First Baptist at the time and I was at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula.  The two churches and pastors were and are very similar in many ways. 

I always thought Johnny Hunt was very much like Larry Wynn and I’m sorry, but Larry Wynn is the greatest pastor that I’ve ever met.  No offense guys, but he is the REAL deal.

So today, I am happy for Christians first, Johnny Hunt second and the SBC third for landing a great president. 

By the way, I sang at FBCW one day and Johnny told me he liked me and I had an open invitation to come back and sing.  I’m sure he would not remember me now, but that’s fine, he made a lasting impression on me that year or two that I got to know who he was.


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  1. wow, johnny!!

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