So I Missed A Couple of Weeks…

OK.  There is nothing to say other than I have been sucking wind.  I’ve been a little tired of the day to day.  I apologize to those of you who have been gracious enough to humor my posts and reading and commenting, but I have been uninspired the last little while.  Here are a couple of things that looking back were very inspirational.

First, Michael, my oldest son and shortstop for the Hebron Angels, finished two weekends ago ten years of recreation and travel baseball that I have been a part of the whole time.  Nearly 20 different ball teams.  I have enjoyed it so much, but it’s an era ended.  Now, I will watch him from the stands and love every minute of it.

Second, I have to admit that Flav, our student pastor, had one of the best messages for patriotism in America and realizing that we are just passing through in this life…home is heaven and we can’t get to satisfied in this life that is only a MIST.

Well, for the past two weeks these were the two most inspiring things in my life.  Sorry that I didn’t give more to them in my writing lately.


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