The Tammy Wright Blog for July 20th

Great worship service ( 11am ) this week! God was SO there!

OK  Tammy, you beat me to the blog.  Thanks for your comments on our worship this week.  I hope God was moving in some hearts, I know he was in mine.  This blog is in your honor because you beat me to it. 

I’m sure God shows up each week to see which of us are going to communicate with and worship Him.

Everyone give a high five to Tammy for beating me to the Sunday blog.

Jesus rules, not us.


3 Responses

  1. Wow.. This is my very first dedication in blog world and I feel honored. 🙂 Going to church has so many perks….

  2. You better believe it and it doesn’t hurt to be related to a band member either.

  3. “Jesus rules.” I like that! His name was magnified and THAT’s what nailed it. And I pray we always stay on that, His Name, His Kingdom, nothing else matters.
    Great job EB and crew.

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