My Thanks to Zion Baptist Church

I would like to thank the many groups of people that have made my experience at Zion and awesome ride.

First, there is my small group, I have enjoyed learning and growing with you all.  We have had some tough times and some great times and I wouldn’t give anything for them all.

Next, the band, no one works harder than these people for the worship year round and these people love what they do and are great worshippers.  I have been blessed to work along side these dedicated people.

Next, the praise team, just when I have been stumped with an idea or needed a solo or needed a special ensemble situation these guy and gals have always been ready for the call.  There is nothing like a precious team…I mean praise team.

Next, the group of singers known as the choir, most of you have four or five responsibilities in the church and somehow you remain faithful and dedicated each week.  How you do it all is amazing to me.

Next, our congregation, although I know there are some who might disagree with the selections or count themselves as those who endure it, I know there are many supporters and I appreciate their encouragement over the years.

Ann Turner, I know you’d do anything for me and I am so gracious.  The world needs millions more Ann Turners.  Thanks for buying in to me, I bought in to you early on in this journey.

The staff, thanks for helping me on a day by day basis and filling up my office to see what I was going to do next.

Mike, for the opportunity to meet and work with some of the greatest people and for wanting me at Zion.

Flav, great friends are hard to come by and you have encouraged me endlessly.  You are a great leader and you will do even greater things in the name of Jesus.

I love you guys and you will always have a special place in my heart. 

See you around,



16 Responses

  1. Elvis, you are an inspiration as a dad, leader and man after God’s own heart. I love your heart! I’ll be seeing you.

  2. Bro, I thank God for allowing our paths to meet this side of heaven. When all else fails, I know our friendship remains … I love you bro. You and your family are part of my family and nothing will ever be able to change that. Nothing! I’ll see you at our usual meeting place.

  3. Even though I don’t know where you are going, I know that your just being there will make a difference. Drop me a line.

  4. It is unfortunate that you have left Zion. It may make a few key happy but in my mind solves nothing. It seems the wrong persons are leaving. …… You taught us a lot about worship, and how to go deeper than words and understand a songs true meaning and sing with this in mind. You showed us your heart for worship and often shared with us your true heart for people in general. For all this, I thank you. I will miss you Eric and I’ll certainly miss Dana too (she’s amazing).

  5. Keith and I count it a joy to know you and Dana. Thanks for allowing the Drama Nazi to do her thang…. Thanks for bringing worship right to the cross of Jesus where it belongs!!! No matter what, God and Jesus were high and lifted up when you led worship. Never forget that.

  6. I thank God for you and your family, for the ways God worked into my life through your lead in praising Him.
    You have delivered in many ways Jesus’s love, caring and passion for his people.
    Your journey’s about to make you stronger!

  7. Eric – Though I wasn’t priveledged to serve with you at Zion — through our friendship and service elsewhere, I know your heart. You are an awesome man of God — and you were an inspiration to me as I observed you pour yourself into the people of Zion… and, frankly people in general. You do it right friend… you think God’s way… people matter most! Thanks for who you are!

  8. Bro- I commend you, hands down, for all that you’ve done! I dare say anyone could have led better, handled situations the way you did, or put up with all that you have. You were a great asset to Zion and from one who caught your direction, you’ll be missed!

  9. Eric, Dana, Evan, and Michael –
    It has been such a blessing knowing your family and being part of the great worship you provided for Zion.
    Dana – thanks so much for welcoming me in the church as you did almost two years ago. You really helped me find a family when I had none. You reached out to me when I first arrived to Zion and came to my first choir pratice. I loved working with you in VBS and hanging with you in choir. You are an awesome woman of God!!!
    Eric – your music you are working on is an awesome display of how connected you are to God and your love of Jesus! KEEP IT GOING! You are talented and blessed with a wonderful family. Evan has been so helpful on Wednesday nights and Michael was just as great doing slides for us for Sunday worship. You all have contributed so much in Jesus’ name and your reward will be great in heaven. God bless you all and I pray many blessings on your future ventures with God’s call on your lives! Emee and I love you guys and you will be greatly missed!!!!

  10. Eric – We go through life learning from our experiences which inevitably causes growth… Then we outgrow our environment. God has a huge plan for you and I’m excited for you and your family.

  11. I love your vision and endless optimism…it was a pleasure working with you! Love ya, man!

  12. I am going to miss you man! I thank God I got to meet you and get to know you. And I praise God for what he is going to do through you where ever you are headed next!
    God bless and keep in touch!

  13. […] I’m back. Joey’s not. And that kills […]

  14. Adam: Thanks to a great friend.
    Flav: Love you too, bro.
    Kurt: Thanks.
    Ellison: We will miss folks like you and Robert too. Thanks.
    Drama Nazi: Thanks Ashley and for your leadership.
    Monica: Thank you so much. You’re bro in law is a little squirley.
    Dan: Thanks, I appreciate your friendship.
    Cal: Thanks, I’m excited for you.
    Carrie Ann: Thank you…you are an inspiration.
    Jeff M: Thanks. I believe you’re right.
    Lora: Thank you, you are a great worship leader.
    Jenz: I’ll miss you too. Thanks.
    Joey: Jesus Rules…

  15. well, i’m kind of ashamed, but i sat here a while ago and read this page and read everyone’s comments and i couldn’t think of anything to say. i guess i did think of things to say, but they fell short of what i felt, so i just didn’t say anything, which is often worse.

    so, here i am again… and i still don’t know how to say how i feel. but here it is: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that doesn’t do you justice, but it’s all i can say. i love you and your family and you mean so much to me. you did an amazing work at the Z, and i’m sad it went this way but God knows what’s going on even if i am clueless. thank you for leading worship here and leading in life in general. you were bold and you truly worshipped. i wish more people would let go of tradition and LIVE. i wish people would just let God take control like you did, and it was apparent–Sunday mornings, there were some worshipful experiences. God was there and God was real and He gets the glory.

    but, thanks to you, too, for being real. thanks for being raw and not wearing a mask like so many do. thanks for your honesty.

    thank you…..

    PS: tell michael we miss him at 180X!!! next week is a back2school bash if he’s interested. i love you guys!

  16. Lexie,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. You are wise beyond your years and you have a true heart. There is a good deal of truth to what you said, but I am learning there are times in life that you have to make decisions that you feel are best even when you’re not sure of the outcome. I know all things work together for good to those that love the Lord and I cling to that verse. (Rom 8:28)

    I believe our worship was REAL and for the most part accepted and I think it still will be, so don’t lose hope. A new start can be a good thing not just for me and my family, but for Zion as well.

    My prayer is that you and others will continue to be faithful as you have been to God and remember He has been faithful to you.

    Man….tends to complicate God’s journey and that will happen as long as we are on this earth.

    We love you and your family very much too and we are so thankful that you all have been a part of our lives and ministry. God bless you all.

    I’ll pass along the words to Michael as well. He played his first football game tonight and really did well. I’m proud…can you tell?

    Love ya now.

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