Go Georgia Bulldogs!!! Go Georgia Bulldogs!!!

OK, so we played Georgia Southern.  Still, a win is a win.  Sounded like we were a little sloppy and that’s a good reason for starting with Georgia Southern.  No doubt Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno racked up.

We listened to it on the radio today.  Was it just me or did Sir Larry Munson sounded like he might not make it all the way through the game?  I have always loved hearing him announce the games and I will hate to see him go, but he sounded pooped today. 

The Dawgs take on Central Michigan next week.  This will be another expected win, but aren’t they all.  South Carolina always scares me a little because they are the first REAL team we play each year.  We have to punch out Spurrier’s lights every year, it’s a must.

Anyway, I am stoked that the Bulldogs are back to bitin’ again.  GOoooooo Dawgs!  Sickem’ Woof Woof!


What’s Playing?

I was visiting the Fee Band Blog today and they did this.  I am curious to know what is in your ipod or what CD you’re listening today? 

I haven’t done this in a while so I will show you what my fam is listening to today and I’d love to hear what you all have on the ipod, MP3 or CD player.

Eric – “Long Road Out of Eden” – Eagles

Dana – The FISH 104.7fm

Michael – “Revelation” – Third Day

Evan – Northpoint Various Artists CD

Bravos Win!

Yeah…that’s me standing in the footprints of Bobby Cox.  What’s cool is there really are worn shoe prints from Bobby on those steps because he stands there so much.

Anyway…my family got to go to the Braves game tonight and it was a blast!  The Braves beat the Marlins again and they looked good. 

 Just to hang out with Mrs. Dana and the boys at a Braves game is so cool.  We all love it including Mrs. Dana.  Don’t let her good looks and girlish ways fool you, she’s a baseball (Atlanta Braves) expert!

The Braves were impressive and haven’t been for sometime now.  We are true fans though and we pull for them through the tough times as well.

Thanks David and Lisa for the tickets!  Without your generosity my family would have missed this one.  We are so grateful.

By the way, the picture above was taken earlier this summer when my travel baseball team visited the museum and took the tour at Turner field.  I had no pics from tonight.

Health Food Today

OK.  All this Varsity talk on the previous post and orders of this marvelous delicacy of chili dogs and onion rings is making me yearn for some spiritual health food.  

My reading for this week comes from the book Visioneering.  Care to guess who the author is?  Yep, Andy Stanley.  I’d like to share my summarized excerpt.  Here goes:

Dreamers and Visionaries

If you read the story of Nehemiah and his desire/vision to rebuild the wall, you will see that as a visionary he prayed that God would not just rebuild the wall, but that God would use him to rebuild it.  Dreamers dream about things being different.  Visionaries envision themselves making a difference. 

My take away:  I need to always be praying for the opportunity that God will use me in His plan.  Dreaming is good, but dreamers only dream about things being different.  I want to be considered a visionary. 

Any other visionaries out there?

Inside Out

My friend, Dan Seckinger has started a new blog called Inside Out



Good stuff!  Check it out.

Field Trip – The Varsity

Just for fun the Barnes’ and the Pops are going on a field trip tomorrow to THE VARSITY.  Mrs. Pop has never been.  I would like for you to place your order right here, so that we can see what you all choke down from The V.


Whatta Ya Have!  Whatta Ya have!

My usual would be 2 chili dogs, an O-ring and an FO.  How bout you?

True Friends

“True friends are a sure refuge.”


I would like to thank you, so many of you for your friendship during this transitional time in the life of my family.  Dana and I appreciate your advise, encouragement and prayers and we are so blessed to have friends and family like you.

As for leadership, my goal has been to always make more and more friends.  I believe good leaders continue to do this through every situation they face and I believe it’s a huge gift to have friends. 

I challenge us all to be friend makers just like JESUS was regardless of race, age, position, situation or anything that the world says we must consider before trusting someone as a friend.  Thank you JESUS, that You did not become my friend based on who I am, but who I could be through knowing You.

If you’re my friend…I love you and appreciate you so much.  If not, let me know and we’ll work on it until you are.