Risk for Small Groups

Today my family attended North Point Community Church.  The worship was not much different than what I have been accustomed to at Zion for the last year or more.  Their presentation quality was better, but the actual sound of the songs was very much the same.  I can’t remember the first song they did, but the second was “Everlasting God” and the third was “Here I Am To Worship.” 

One thing that was interesting was that at the beginning Andy Stanley, the pastor, walked up and gave thanks to Louie Giglio for a great message last week.  Andy said that they had received a few concerned letters due to some language that was used in one of the testimonies.  Andy made sure he had everyone’s attention and said something like this, “I would like to apologize for not giving enough notice for those who may have had children in the service, but the service is an adult time geared for those who have yet to begin a relationship with Jesus not church members or kids.  Upstreet is our kids service and it’s for them…take them to it.  As for the content, I make no apologies.  We’ve always made it clear that we are hear for those who have yet to meet Jesus and the service it not for US!”  (Fastlane paraphrase)

Wow…I was impressed…so was the majority of people in there.  I clapped like I was a member and I am to a degree, I belong to the same family.  That’s the way to do it.

This led into Andy’s message and it was loud and clear.  Andy encouraged everyone to become part of a small group because that’s where application of what is learned from church takes place.  He believes in it and has a ton of proof.  I believe in it as well and have for years now.  If you aren’t applying what you’ve learned you are just taking in information and that helps no one, including you.  If you want to get DEEP, start taking the simple peices that you understand about the faith and living it with others.  You’ll get DEEP in a hurry!  And, that’s the RISK, but it’s worth it!

Join a small group – I DARE YOU!!!


4 Responses

  1. i only have one request. i want Joey Williams to join my group. Andy would agree :))) it’s going deep to the core, Joey style! ‘Cause this guy knows God and eva-thang.

  2. Our small group recently reconnected and it has been so good! We need each other. It’s where we get real, and people love us anyway. I really like what Andy said. The reasons we have church services are to worship God and reach the Lost! It’s NOT about the saved! Right on!

  3. I agree, I believe to feel the community of a church you must join a small group. Taking off your mask and imbracing the truth of what membership should be.

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  4. Julie is sounding like Beth Moore. Good stuff. You are a part of a great small group. Keep it going.

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