Wave Walkers

Let’s talk about FAITH…

Today my family attended 12StoneChurch in Lawrenceville, GA.  I have previously been to a conference at 12Stone, but never attended worship services on a Sunday.  These folks are for REAL.  The service was very in tune with the lives of people today.  Here are my notes from the teaching today from Pastor Kevin Myers:

Matt 14:22-32

Trademark:  Wave Walkers

Waves will come against me AND God is for me.

We are all invited to walk on waves as Peter was.  (In other words, to walk above our circumstances.)

Sometimes our belief is if God is for me He would STOP all the WAVES.

  1. The spirit world superintends the material world.  There is to be one world with spirit and material both working in our everyday lives.
  2. God is more about peace within me than peace around me.
  3. FAITH becomes REAL when my FEAR is REAL.
  4. FAITH can WALK on WAVES.
  5. FEAR can SINK you.  (Sometimes our belief is when things are bad God is not for me.  NOT TRUE.)


*FEAR makes you ABSENT in the PRESENT.  In other words, we may be physically present, but emotionally absent.  (example: We may not be attentive to our loved ones when we FEAR.)

Pastor Kevin Myers last statement for the day:

*Many who are walking SAFE lives are LIVING in FEAR.  It was SAFE in the boat, but to walk on waves isn’t always SAFE and requires FAITH.


17 Responses

  1. i like it. a lot! faith becomes real when fear is real. wow!!! deep juice.

  2. Good stuff! We miss you!

  3. Awesome message. I work with and several members attend 12 Stone and it is an amazing place of worship and continually thinks out of the box! God Bless you all and say hi to Dana for me! Love and miss ya’ll!

  4. Good Message. Glad you enjoyed it. Miss You.

  5. WOW! I needed that today! Thanks for the reminder of what faith really is and what fear can do to our faith.

  6. We miss you guys too. God is great and working already. Trying our best to walk on those waves right now.

  7. Fear = “hell bent”,

    not heavenly bound.

    You dig?

  8. How fun that you get to go visit churches! I have a few friends who go to that church, if it is the one I’m thinking of. Was it Crossroads? I like the faith and fear sermon. Thanks! We miss y’all!

  9. I recently heard this concerning Faith and Fear.

    “Faith is not the absence of fear, but the rising above fear through faith in the One who is in control!”

    It’s simple and I like it.

  10. We’re “walking on waves”……love to all my Zion friends……miss you!!!!!!

  11. Green Fly: I dig.
    Julie: Yes, great church. Great leadership. Lots of lost being reached.
    Bobbin: You’re sounding like a regular John C. Maxwell. Great quote. Nothing like rising above fear after you’ve done it. It’s hard the first time though.
    Dana: I’d “walk the waves” with you anywhere. You are my inspiration. Yeah…yeah…mushy…mushy…
    Love all you guys and gals.

  12. Actually it was Charles Stanley!

  13. i know who green fly is!!! good friend of Joey Williams, they both live in Talmo, attend 2nd congregational united methodist, and they know God. that’s about all i had to say about that.

  14. Hey bro, we were at 12Stone on Sunday too. I agree, it was a great sermon, and that video/song with the folks walking up on stage was quite moving. Great church!

  15. Surf’s up Dude! Can’t wait to see how God will use ya’ll next! We miss all of you!

  16. Bobbin: Should have known…Andy’s daddy
    Flav: I am sure there are many Green Flys around Joey.
    Bill: It is a great church. Hated we didn’t see you.
    Tammy: narley….me neither…Thanks we’ll miss you guys too. Tell Austin I miss him already. He was a big help in time of need and I am glad he has stepped in. I’m proud of him and all the band.

  17. I attended this service at 12 stone last Sunday. It changed my life, and I mean really changed me. In fact im getting a tattoo next week saying “Faith can walk on waves”…..Im a surfer and that was such a profound statement that it seemed almost inevitable. I will forever encourage the people around me and try to be myself a “Wave Walker.” Glad to see it reached out to others as well.

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