North Point Community Church

Today, Dana and I visited NPCC again.  I told Dana, I keep waiting to walk out one day from that church and say, “That just didn’t do anything for me.”  Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize no matter where you are God can speak to you and through about any circumstance we face, but Andy Stanley and his group do things about as well as I’ve ever witnessed and people are truly drawn to the place.  I say all that not to offend any other churches that I love or any other church for that matter, but it’s true. 

NPCC isn’t perfect and never will be, but they know how to “Give it their all no matter the cost.”  They realize that people will die and miss meeting the God of the universe if they don’t get focussed and so they focus and go for it.

Today’s message was the beginning of a new series and here is the basis of the series:

Andy Stanley – North Point Community Church


1.  Practical Teaching

  • Shows us where we are, where we aren’t, and where we need to be

2.  Providential Relationships

  • Allow us to hear from God through others.

3.  Private Disciplines

  • Align our hearts with the heart of God.

4.  Personal Ministry

  • Positions us to experience God’s power.

5.  Pivotal Circumstances

  • Force us to look in God’s direction

Today was a lead into what will be discussed for the next five weeks.  Andy read from Matthew 8:5-13, about the Centurion soldier and his FAITH.  Check out the story.  God our Father wants us to be in a FAITH position that we can only rely on Him.  This is my summary.  For more details see the message on the North Point website

A sidebar: Todd Fields and the band provided the worship.  I stood there realizing that today was worship with freedom at its best.  Thank you God for allowing me to worship you and for being there for me.


4 Responses

  1. Dude…’re like the guy who goes to see a great movie…..and tells everybody the ending. I say this in defense of the other campuses which are one week behind.

    P.S. BTW…..I’m just curious….when was the last time you exited saying…”I got nothing outta’ that.” ?

  2. Kurt: OK…..sorrrrrrry. I forgot about those of you who are a little behind. Hey! Humor me, I’m like a kid in a candy store.

    Touche’. I never saw that question coming. I beg to plea the fifth on that question.

    Enjoy, “Five Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith.” Maybe we’ll make it to BBCC one day.

  3. Love to see you guys…..let me know.

  4. BTW….not to overlook the worship comment…..Todd Fields is the “schnizzle”!

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