Lincoln Brewster – Great Worship!

One of my favorite worship leader, singer/songwriter, guitar player and just Christian leader period is Lincoln Brewster.  His music and worship style is one that draws me in.

One of the coolest things I ever saw was when Paul Baloche had Lincoln playing guitar with his band at a concert for old broken down worship leaders, such as myself.  Paul leaned over to Lincoln and Lincoln nodded in approval.  At that point, Paul announced that he had just asked Lincoln to worship our God with his guitar only and it was one of the best worship experiences for me and seemingly for all those other worship pastors. 

If you don’t believe me…go see him.  I promise you will worship and you will know that Lincoln was in the room because he was a great professional musician even before he became a Christian. 

Go buy his cd or download it.  it’s awesome stuff!


4 Responses

  1. Never heard of Lincoln Brewster. We’ll have to check that out.

  2. Hey Ellison!!! I’ll list some of his songs and you will recognize them…some of them we’ve done at Zion.

    Track Samples:
    1. Everlasting God [New!] (we did this version at Zion)
    2. All to You [Radio Mix]
    3. Love the Lord [Radio Mix]
    4. Let the Praises Ring (Zion praise team did)
    5. Everybody Praise the Lord (one of my favs)
    6. Lord I Lift Your Name on High (he made it radio popular)
    7. All I Really Want
    8. All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises
    9. Majestic [Radio Mix]
    10. Power of Your Love
    11. Shout to the Lord (Big radio hit on the FISH)
    12. He’s All I Need
    13. Everyday [Radio Mix]
    14. Take Me Higher (PS. 73:25)
    15. What Kind of Man
    16. You Are Good
    17. Here I Am to Worship [New!][Instrumental]

  3. Yes! Okay so I do know his music and lots of it, I just didn’t realize who the artist was. Thank you for helping me connect it all together.

  4. no problem…

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