New song – Grace

Finally, a new song.  I have been so consumed the last month or so that I haven’t been able to focus on any thoughts for a song.  My friend Flav, sent me a photo he took of his daughter Grace and the wheels started turning.


It took me a few hours to get the structure and hook down and the following day I was able to put the melody with it.  I love it and it has some special meaning to me. 

There was another child who came to this world to be GRACE and I am so thankful that God gave you and me his GRACE. 

The photo in this post came from Flav that gave me the inspiration.  Nice shot Flav, very artistic.  Permission to use the photo was granted.

Thanks bro.


5 Responses

  1. Hey man… That picture and your song remind me of a favorite quote I heard from an unexpected source years ago. It was, “Children are a window to God’s Grace in the world”. If you really stop and watch them from time to time, you’ll see how true that is.

  2. Would love to hear the song. I’m thankful for His Grace too & Victoria’s middle name is Grace.

  3. Isa-bird is a Grace too. I am lucky enough to have had a sneak peek at this tune. AWESOME words! Can’t wait to hear it with some tuneage!

  4. Joey, first time i ready the lyrics of this song, i got tears and the emotions rose high. to think of Mary and what she saw in Jesus growing up, and then, the Cross and what she saw there … wow

    Great song bro! Rock it!!!

  5. Let’s hear those lyrics!!!

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