Field Trip – The Varsity

Just for fun the Barnes’ and the Pops are going on a field trip tomorrow to THE VARSITY.  Mrs. Pop has never been.  I would like for you to place your order right here, so that we can see what you all choke down from The V.


Whatta Ya Have!  Whatta Ya have!

My usual would be 2 chili dogs, an O-ring and an FO.  How bout you?


9 Responses

  1. I’ll try me some fried broccolli and some portobello mushrooms cause I’m cool like dat. :)))

  2. Oh man! I’m jealous!

    I’ll have (2) Chili Dogs with Cheese, O-rings and a Coke…..oh yeah…peach pie.

    And stop by QT for a roll of Rolaids.

    Have fun!

  3. One chili dog, fries and coke…….can’t wait to go….one of my favorite places!

  4. How about 2 naked dogs walkin’ with fries and an FO…

  5. A red and yellow dog, fries, a coke, and chocoloate shake!

  6. 2 chili dogs, fries, chocolate milkshake

  7. Glorified steak, a bag of rags and a F.O.
    (burger and chips)

  8. 1 Chili Dog, 1 Slaw Dog, 1 Chili Burger, 1 Rings, Large FO

  9. 2 Chilli Dogs, O-ring, and Large FO. I brought my lunch today & now I want to go down the street & eat out..

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