Bravos Win!

Yeah…that’s me standing in the footprints of Bobby Cox.  What’s cool is there really are worn shoe prints from Bobby on those steps because he stands there so much.

Anyway…my family got to go to the Braves game tonight and it was a blast!  The Braves beat the Marlins again and they looked good. 

 Just to hang out with Mrs. Dana and the boys at a Braves game is so cool.  We all love it including Mrs. Dana.  Don’t let her good looks and girlish ways fool you, she’s a baseball (Atlanta Braves) expert!

The Braves were impressive and haven’t been for sometime now.  We are true fans though and we pull for them through the tough times as well.

Thanks David and Lisa for the tickets!  Without your generosity my family would have missed this one.  We are so grateful.

By the way, the picture above was taken earlier this summer when my travel baseball team visited the museum and took the tour at Turner field.  I had no pics from tonight.


5 Responses

  1. Dana, baseball expert? Nice! No pics, dude??? You need a photographer or something?! Glad you guys got to go. Times you won’t forget. Cool!

  2. You are looking good. Who says girls can’t be cute and still love sports! I am so excited about football season starting this weekend! And of course, I love baseball too! Take care of you and the fam! Ashley

  3. Move over Bobby, here comes Coach Eric! Nothing better than fun at the ballpark for baseball fans.

  4. I was never into baseball and now I LOVE Braves games. I have taken my class on the tour for the last 5 years and have been a fan ever since. On our last trip, Hank Aaron passed each other in the doorway of the press room! I was speechless!
    Glad you and your family are enjoying some time out together. Much Love!

  5. Did you wax your legs for this photo op?

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