What’s Playing?

I was visiting the Fee Band Blog today and they did this.  I am curious to know what is in your ipod or what CD you’re listening today? 

I haven’t done this in a while so I will show you what my fam is listening to today and I’d love to hear what you all have on the ipod, MP3 or CD player.

Eric – “Long Road Out of Eden” – Eagles

Dana – The FISH 104.7fm

Michael – “Revelation” – Third Day

Evan – Northpoint Various Artists CD


7 Responses

  1. AO- Leeland/ The Opposite Way
    Lulabelle- ?/ Pocket Full O’ Sunshine
    Andrew- Switchfoot
    Emily- 1000 ft Krutch
    Isabel- Raven Simone/Double Dutch Bus

  2. “Come Now Sleep” – As Cities Burn

  3. hillsong, this is our God – rocks my face off!!!!! Been playing it non stop foe the past 5-6 weeks. Thanx, Cal!

  4. I don’t own an Ipod! But in the car currently listen to Leona Lewis CD titled Spirit. Normally listen to 98.5 on radio.

  5. For me it’s all over the board… everhything from 12 Stones to old Michael English to Ronnie James Deo to Jordan Sparks to 11 Finger to Chris Tomlin to Journey to Third Day to Michael Schenker to Pink Floyd to Mercy Me to Ozzie to Down Under to my own home-brew… and that doesn’t cover the classics (Brahms, Debussy, etc.). As long as it isn’t kuntree, I got it on.

  6. On the radio is usually 104.7… In the CD is Bruce Springsteen’s “Magic”… In the tape deck is a compilation of Pat Terry music… In anticipation is Pat’s release of his new album hopefully in September!

  7. Tammy: Third Day(Revelation), Bob Seger (greatest hits), 80’s rock

    Tim: Hillsong, Hillsong, Hillsong…Jeremy Camp

    Cady: The Jonas Brothers (over and over and over)

    Austin: himself…kidding! Who knows? I’m not cool enough to know.

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