Go Georgia Bulldogs!!! Go Georgia Bulldogs!!!

OK, so we played Georgia Southern.  Still, a win is a win.  Sounded like we were a little sloppy and that’s a good reason for starting with Georgia Southern.  No doubt Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno racked up.

We listened to it on the radio today.  Was it just me or did Sir Larry Munson sounded like he might not make it all the way through the game?  I have always loved hearing him announce the games and I will hate to see him go, but he sounded pooped today. 

The Dawgs take on Central Michigan next week.  This will be another expected win, but aren’t they all.  South Carolina always scares me a little because they are the first REAL team we play each year.  We have to punch out Spurrier’s lights every year, it’s a must.

Anyway, I am stoked that the Bulldogs are back to bitin’ again.  GOoooooo Dawgs!  Sickem’ Woof Woof!


3 Responses

  1. Your win was not as good as ours!!! GO GATORS!!!! We’ll see who the real #1 is on November 1!!!

  2. Once a dawg, always a dawg, how sweet it is!
    (And by the way – gators eat boogers!)

  3. Don’t you moderate your posts????? (hehehe.love ya Gator)

    Southern was a warm up…The beat down is a comin’ SEC EAST!

    GO DAWGS!!!!

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