Interview With Larry Wynn

For my first interview on THE FAST LANE, I wanted to choose someone who has been instrumental in my life and my leadership.  I pick Larry Wynn because he is REAL.  Although over the years I have watched him take on larger and larger roles, I have noticed that he tries his best to stay REAL, or authentic for your Christian lingo hipsters. 

I picked ten questions because I felt twenty would be rude and five just wouldn’t be enough.  So, here they are, let’s see what Larry has to say:

First of all Larry, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for THE FAST LANE.  There really is no rhyme or reason to the questions, just curiosity.  I know you are busy and we’ll try not to take up too much time. 


Eric, I would be honored to answer these questions.  You, Dana and the boys are very special to Ethel and me.

1.  What is the latest news for Larry Wynn and his family?  

We are going to be grandparents for the first time.  The baby is due in April, and we are already making plans to spoil him or her big time!

2.  Who is your favorite SEC football team?  (We’ll get to the serious stuff in a minute.)

There’s not but one is there?  Go Dawgs!  UGA dogs that is!

3.  How do you spend your time when you are not working?  (hobbies, family, etc.)

Road and mountain biking.  That’s the pedal kind!  We also love seeing movies together as a family.

4.  You are a great leader in your own rite, but who would you say are great leaders that you listen, watch, read or subscribe to today for wisdom and leadership?

That is constanly changing for me, but one I admire and respect a lot is Rick Warren.

5.  Humanly speaking, who has had the greatest influence in your life and why?

My dad.  He exemplifies what a true leader is about.

6.  How long have you been the Senior Pastor at Hebron Baptist Church and why would you say that your tenure has been so long?

30 years.  They haven’t been able to find a pastor.  God gave me a vision and a love for the Hebron family when I first came to be pastor.  He let it be known in many ways I was to plant my life here.

7.  What’s your staff like?

Our staff is like family to me.  It is an honor to serve with them.  They each have their own gifts and strengths that make for a good team.

8.  What might someone who just moved into the community find from the people of Hebron Baptist Church?

A genuine care for them, and a desire that they have a personal relationship with God.

9.  If you could visit for a vacation any place on this planet, where would it be?


10.  What music are you listening currently in your car, mp3 player or iPod?

A variety of music.  My top two are still “Three Dog Night”  and “Charles Billinsly.”  I also like contemporary christian, country, pop, oldies, and the music from musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks Larry for taking time to do this for THE FAST LANE.  God bless you and your family as you minister to those in your community, North Georgia, our country and the world.





Why Would You Go To Church?

If you had no background in church or grew up with a family that didn’t go to church, why might you go to church?  If you struggle for an answer….try using what, where, when or how to help you think of what might give you a reason for going to a church.

I would really love to hear some answers on this one.  I am working on some research and you would really help me by answering.

Thanks to all of you who are willing to comment.

1700 Days

Tomorrow I am going home.  I am visiting Hebron Church again and I haven’t been to a Sunday morning service in 1700 days.  I counted them up.

I’m a little nervous.  There has been a whole whirlwind of rumors flying about us.  There are people who will be pumped to see us back and for that I am thankful.  There will be many more who will not have a clue who we are.  There will be several who will be asking, “What happened?”  Yeah…I’m nervous.

The truth is I’ve missed them and the only reason I haven’t gone back sooner is that our family just needed some time to be private for a while.  For weeks there was no way I would have set foot back at Hebron just because of all the questions and such, but I am looking forward to being back and so is my family. 

For the last several weeks…..we haven’t belonged to anything.  You should try it, it stinks.  I don’t have a job yet, but at least I will belong again and to something that is led without fear.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Jesus, thank you for staying by my family.

Latest Update

I’ve had a few of you call, e-mail or run into me and I could feel the hesitation in your voice or e-mail about whether or not to ask me what the latest is as for my providing for my family.

I’m working hard.  That’s about all I can say for the moment.  There are some opportunities that have not been confirmed, but there is positive consideration happening.  I don’t have anything landed yet, but hoping to hear very shortly on some things.

Don’t worry about asking me…doesn’t bother me a bit.  Just waiting on the Lord to help orchestrate the best He has to offer and the best for my fit.

Thanks for the calls, e-mails, prayers and encouragement, it means the most right now.

As for how I am thinking currently…I wouldn’t change a thing.  The last few months (make that years) have been challenging, but I am looking forward to pressing on with the Lord.  We’ll see what He has ahead.  I have ZERO regrets and I am confident that I have made some great decisions for the Lord to use me for His best.

To my family and friends, may God bless all of you during these weird and challenging times in our country’s history.

Coffee Houses – The Variety of Life

Well, no doubt they all want you to want them only.  But this is coffee we’re talking about not marriage.  Sorry all you coffee house employees.  I know you have to be loyal, but I like variety and I’ve found things that you all do well and some that you all do different.  Personally, I like local mom and pop coffee shops, Starbucks, Biggby’s, Caribou and if some one else comes into the mix and their local, I’ll try them as well.  That being said…here are a couple of offerings that I like.

Starbucks – HOT -Bold, coffee – preferably not Pikes Place.  COLD-Mint chocalate chip Frap.

Biggby – HOT-Black& Tan coffee and my wife and kids love the hot chocolate better than the green place.  COLD – the orange thing…can’t remember what it’s called, not the yoda soda.

Caribou Coffee– HOT- Bold Coffee.  COLD – Chocolate chip deal can’t remember the name.

I would love to hear what others try at these places.  I like variety and maybe I’ll try something you suggest.  What fun!!!

Are You A Visionary Leader?

I would like to suggest a book for those of you who are visionary church leaders.  You may already be aware or have read it, but besides the Bible it is one of the slickest books dealing with vision and strategy for ministry.  Here it is:

 The guys from North Point Community Church put  this book together and this is their strategy.  Now I’m not saying that their strategy fits all circumstances, but I will say that all the principles fit no matter the circumstances.

I am going to offer some tidbits from the book for you, but I suggest that you go purchase and wear this book out if you are a leader. 

Practice #1Clarify the Win

Ask yourself what the most important thing?  Why do you lead?

Practice #2Think Steps, Not Programs

Make things easy to do and strategic, too many good programs can get in the way of easy and strategic.

Practice #3Narrow the Focus

Don’t try to do everything.  Instead do a few things really well.

Practice #4Teach Less for More

Everyone doesn’t need to know everything.  It’s more important to get the right information to the right people.

Practice #5Listen to Outsiders

Focus your efforts on those you are trying to reach from those you are trying to keep.

Practice #6Replace Yourself

Leave a legacy and prepare an exit strategy.  One day you will exit.  Prepare the way for those to follow.

Practice #7Work On It

For your relevance, sanity and effectiveness you must evaluate what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Stop Talkin’ and start Walkin’

I write this in the midst of Hurricane Ike’s landfall in Galveston (Ground zero).  Last night coming home from a football game the price of gas at a gas station in Winder, Georgia went from the mid $3 dollars per gallon to $4.99 per gallon in less than a day.  They were not the only ones sticking it to us, but this infuriates me.

I am waiting for the first vehicles that will run on anything BUT oil.  I am not my dad or my granddad and I don’t have to drive a muscle car.  I just need to get where I’m going, safe and dry. 

Here is my challenge to all you inventors.  If you want to get rich, invent a vehicle that will do this and you will have many baby busters and all the generations after as customers.  You will be loaded.

In the meantime, I am going to begin thinking of ways to cut back further in the use of my vehicle and let these folks keep their oil.

This OIL tradition stinks!!!!!

Any comments?