Providential Relationships

The fam packed up and went to North Point Community Church again.  The series is Five Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith and today’s topic was:


Providential Relationships

Who has made a difference in your life relationally that helped you make giant steps to growing your faith in God?

We had to list three and here were mine:

Steve Parr, my student pastor growing up.  Larry Wynn, my pastor growing up.  Mike Smith, my best friend growing up.

Now there were many more people who have influenced me and had an impact on my faith, but these guys stretched me and might not have even known it at times.

The other question that came from today’s message was, “Who are you influencing or impacting providentially?”  Wow….you want deep?  That’s deep?  I prayed for my neighborhood and a neighbor specifically that I know God would want me to go the extra mile.

Thank you God for those you have put in my life to help me grow closer to You.

Feel free to list those who made a difference in your life.  We’ll call this post, “The Providential Relationship Hall of Fame.”


2 Responses

  1. If I’m honest – and this hurts to say; there was only one guy in my growing up years that really was a hero for me. His name was Lynn Becker. Lynn was about 12 years older than me – and he too had been a wild-child as he was growing up. Lynn “got me”. I can’t truly quantify Lynn’s impact on my life – and I haven’t seen or heard from him in over 20 years. But, I’m not positive I would even be here had Lynn not reached out to me in those high school and early college years. It makes me realize all the more… “God, please help me have an impact on others that will point them to you”. I pray for the wisdom and insight to make a difference for Christ — and people are where that difference matters.

  2. Alisia and Mike Phillips, my Community Bible Study ladies, and my brother, Mark. Since I did not accept Christ until I was 35 years old, there were many, many people who lived their faith and reached out to me, and were rejected by me. They still had a huge impact on me, even though I did not respond for such a long time…about 20 years that I can remember! I am so thankful for all of them, and that they obeyed God. I shudder to think how close I was to hell.

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