Family Tradition – DHS #23

I’m passing the football duties to Junior this year.  It’s cool to me that Michael got #23 at my alma mater (Dacula High).  I am proud to pass on the tradition and he is proud to take it….believe me. 


Hit somebody you buncha sissies!!!!!  Burned into my brain forever.


5 Responses

  1. Looks like if Michael was around you when you took your pic back in the day, he could spank you! But then again … :)))
    Love these pics. The same number deal, now that is tight my brutha!!!

  2. Cool! That’s good stuff!

  3. Eric that is awesome!!! I wish I lived in NJ so when Emilee plays sports she could follow in my footsteps. That would have been so SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you guys!!! Hope you are doing great!!!

  4. I have to agree w/ fp. I think Michael could totally take you out. Its funny though, that you guys have the same “scowl” on your face! Don’t mess with the Barnes boys eh?

  5. Now wait just a second…enough is enough. The camera was farther back from me than the camera on him, thus giving him a total size difference. I out weighed him by 10 pounds and I was an outside line backer. He’s a sissy corner back.

    There you go. I still love him and I could still put a lick on him with bad knees and all. You heard me!!!

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