Livin On Love

Well, it was 19 years ago and it seems like only yesterday that we were married.  The Bible says, life is but a vapor and I believe it. 

Dana and I have known each other since our teens and I would say the thing we have the most in common is our love for the Lord and our respect and love for each other.  We have learned so much as a couple and we continue to learn everyday. 

I have out punted my coverage and I know it.  I win!!!  Dana on the other hand was dealt a hard blow, but she is what makes the two of us the best.  We have awesome families on both sides and we know that too and we are blessed. 

If you were trying to do the math, Dana was 20 and I was 22.  She was working and I was at UGA.  The year was 1989 and here are some things that happened the year we were married:

Destruction of the Berlin wall which signaled the end of the Cold War.

Michelle Wie was born.  (Holy cow!)

Lucille Ball died at age 87.

Song of the year:  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Album of the year:  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Oscars:  Best Picture – Rain Man

CMA Entertainer of the year – George Strait

Median household income – $28,906

Romanian uprising overthrows Communist government.


5 Responses

  1. wow!!! Congrats, you guys are such an inspiration. Eric, you know this, you’ve outpunted your coverage!!! And you deserve it too!!! We love you guys. Yeap, 1989 was a gooood year, for Romania too!!!

  2. Great picture of a great couple! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. you forgot that in March of that year I was born! and I am the most humble human to walk the planet. i mean look at me i am so humble!!

  4. Jensen: You crack me up. You are humble…right!
    Oh my gosh…I’m old enough technically to be your dad. Thank God I’m not. Just kidding. Love you bro. Keep up the good stuff.

  5. Tim and I were also married 19 years as of September 1st!
    Your picture reminds me of our senior shirts…”Lookin Fine in ’89”!!! It was a great year!

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