Where Were You? 9/11/2001

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? 

I was working for a software company at the time in the Atlanta area.  I had just come out of a sales meeting and Dana called crying and telling me about the pictures on Fox News.  Our whole office stopped everything we were doing.  Some one hooked a TV up in a conference room and most of us filled up the room to watch the first building burn and the rest unfold. 

My heart sank for the innocent.  The pictures were so gruesome that I couldn’t stomach to watch anything twice.  Then the other occurences started being shown.  Most of us left the office to go home to our families at that point.

I remember looking up in the sky and seeing no airplanes.  I could not remember a time in my life when I didn’t see a plane over head like that day.

America always rebounds and comes back stronger than before.  Let us resolve to always stand for this great country that has been blessed by God.

Where were you?


10 Responses

  1. 10th grade world history class. Great class to be in on that history making day!

  2. I had taken the day off work to have a medical procedure done that morning. I hadn’t watched any TV before I left home and didn’t listen to the radio on the way to the hospital. When I arrived there, the second plane had just hit the towers. While I was in the waiting room, the Pentagon was hit. After my procedure, I went home and stayed glued to the TV all day. I remember how crisp, blue and empty the sky was that day. I also remember feeling truly insecure and unsafe for the first time in our own country.

  3. Tonya and I were on a commercial flight from Atlanta to Boston – on our way to celebrate our anniversary in New England. Our pilot turned the plane back south as we were crossing the Chesapeake Bay. Being a pilot myself, I knew something wasn’t right.

    Our pilot announced that a plane had crashed in NYC and all the airports from Boston to Washington were closed – we would be heading back to Atlanta. A very few minutes later, the airplane made a sharp turn to the right (westbound) and began a steep descent. My pilot training told me that our plane was in an emergency descent – the type of descent from high altitude a pilot might use when the cabin depressurizes. I held Tonya close and explained something was incredibly wrong.

    Our pilot came back on the PA and announced that a second plane had crashed in NY (this time verifying that the crashes were into the WTC), the pentagon was on fire, and the President had ordered all aircraft to land at the nearest suitable airfield.

    “Apparently, America is under attack”, he said.

    As Newport News, VA was the nearest suitable airport, our pilot would land there and provide further instructions.

    If you ever wondered what people think while their airplane is crashing to the ground, just ask us. It’s not a feeling we ever want to experience again. God was, without a doubt, watching over us that day.

  4. I was standing in my bedroom – looking… gawking at the TV with a combination of disbelief and fear gripping all of my senses. To be honest – I was numb for a couple days – and don’t remember much more than that. And – I too couldn’t handle seeing the pictures over and over again. It was painful… and, it still is.

  5. I was at work in downtown Atlanta. The office jokester came into my office and told me a plane crashed into the WTC. I told him to quit joking and go back to work. No one believed him. Eventually, we turned on the radio & heard it all. They locked down our building & no one could go in or out for a while & they later told peple they could go home if they felt the need to be there. The streets were jammed so I stayed at work until mid afternoon before trying to leave & even then it was difficult to get out of downtown because they had some of the streets closed near the federal buildings etc. Robert was at home and glued to the TV. I joined him when I arrived. Always felt I should have tried to leave work sooner & be with family, but I didn’t. It was a sad day. We had an ex gov’t security type person in our office who used to work at WTC & people there & when I told him about it, he just looked at me and started crying. What memories we hold.

  6. I was at work and was heading to the break room when my good friend Jerry met me in the hellway and said, “well, they did it”. Isaid, “what are you talking about?” He proceeded to tell me that he was watching the news on the TV in the break room of a plane crashing into one of the towers. At that point nobody knew if it was a terrorist attack, but Jerry knew. Shortly after that, I saw the second plane crash into the other tower. We all knew at that point that our country was under attack. I called Rebecca so she would know what was happening.
    When I watched the first tower collapse my heart sank. There were two things on my mind – the people that were in those buildings and were there going to be more attacks coming. If so, would one of those places be Atalnta.
    It was incredible what happened in the weeks following that day. You could walk through the office areas where I worked and see american flags everywhere. What a shame that it was only temporary. We have short memories, don’t we?
    I see this event, and the following years since, as being signs of the end times. Jesus is coming very soon. Let’s be prepared and keep looking up.

  7. I was at home sippin’ on some coffee before going into the office, watching the news and thinking, OMG, this is like the movies … and could not believe it was REAL!!!

    those images printed in my brain forever, no doubt.

    Prayers going out for those who lost dear ones that history making day.

  8. I will never forget it…I was teaching Pre-kindergarten and I received a phone call from my mother hysterically crying watching it all happen from her office building in Newark, NJ across the river from NYC. She was desparately trying to contact my aunt, her twin sister, who worked in the WTC. She could not get through to her until almost 4pm because the phone lines were so jammed. My aunt had a dentist appointment that morning and was not at work. What a miracle…my sister lost three friends that day and my aunt lost several co-workers. My brother also worked in the WTC but his law firm moved out of the WTC two months prior to 9/11.
    Sandy I do agree with you too. It is amazing how we have let go of the patriotism that we grasped onto so strongly after that, especially considering our men and women are still fighting today, 6 years later, and are still dying for our freedom. God bless them all who fight for our right to praise and glorify God!!!

    God bless the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I was teaching math to 5 years olds. Tim called on my cell phone telling me that a plane hit a building in NYC and they didn’t think it was an accident. Students were being checked out left and right and I just wanted my own children with me. Austin was in 6th grade and Cady in first. I remember thinking our world would never be the same.
    The students came back the next day and surprisingly most knew all about what happened. We has several that were afraid to go out for recess for several weeks/ I was teaching in Hall COunty at the time very near the airport. The kids were freaked out when planed flew over and I must admit I was too!

  10. I was teaching in Munford, TN (near Memphis). I was 6 months pregnant with Mason, my first child. I was on my planning period and walked through the school office. It connects with the guidance office, which has a tv in the corner of the ceiling. I remember looking at those first scenes and literally thinking it was a movie advertisement. No one had said anything to me yet and it looked so surreal, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t fiction. My initial thought after that was, “What kind of world am I bringing this child into?”

    After we all started realizing what was going on, our secretary and bookeeper kept trying to call NYC because both of their son’s lived there. Of course they couldn’t get through, but later found out their son’s were ok.

    One of my student’s parents were in NYC at that time. He came in to my room next period and I was so worried. But, he told me they called him and that they were fine. They had visited the WTC the day before. Ironicaly, Keith and I had visited the WTC 9 months before. That has always hit me very hard.

    I hope we NEVER forget what happened. We can never afford to let our guard down. This election is all about how we are going to keep America great AND safe AND independent. I am sick of catering to nations who could care less about us. We are capable of finding new ways to be better. Now is the time to do it. I pray we all think very seriously about who we put in the White House and Congress for the next several years to come. America cannot afford to be weak.

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