Stop Talkin’ and start Walkin’

I write this in the midst of Hurricane Ike’s landfall in Galveston (Ground zero).  Last night coming home from a football game the price of gas at a gas station in Winder, Georgia went from the mid $3 dollars per gallon to $4.99 per gallon in less than a day.  They were not the only ones sticking it to us, but this infuriates me.

I am waiting for the first vehicles that will run on anything BUT oil.  I am not my dad or my granddad and I don’t have to drive a muscle car.  I just need to get where I’m going, safe and dry. 

Here is my challenge to all you inventors.  If you want to get rich, invent a vehicle that will do this and you will have many baby busters and all the generations after as customers.  You will be loaded.

In the meantime, I am going to begin thinking of ways to cut back further in the use of my vehicle and let these folks keep their oil.

This OIL tradition stinks!!!!!

Any comments?


6 Responses

  1. OIL = Commuter PRISON

  2. I’m with you! I was infuriated at how they “stuck” it to us. I work in Winder and came by a grocery store that morning and their gas was $3.35 – when I went back by at lunch – their gas was $4.56. SAME GAS!!!!

    We rode our bikes this morning 15.4 miles. I have to tell you – if the road between here and Winder was safer, I’d ride my bike everyday back and forth to work.

    The “oil tradition” does stink and I think its time to start a new tradition. How ’bout you?.

  3. I’m ready for the rapture. Anybody feel me?

  4. Yes, feeling ya.

  5. Uh huh!!!

  6. Yes, the rapture. That trip has already been paid for!!!!!

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