Coffee Houses – The Variety of Life

Well, no doubt they all want you to want them only.  But this is coffee we’re talking about not marriage.  Sorry all you coffee house employees.  I know you have to be loyal, but I like variety and I’ve found things that you all do well and some that you all do different.  Personally, I like local mom and pop coffee shops, Starbucks, Biggby’s, Caribou and if some one else comes into the mix and their local, I’ll try them as well.  That being said…here are a couple of offerings that I like.

Starbucks – HOT -Bold, coffee – preferably not Pikes Place.  COLD-Mint chocalate chip Frap.

Biggby – HOT-Black& Tan coffee and my wife and kids love the hot chocolate better than the green place.  COLD – the orange thing…can’t remember what it’s called, not the yoda soda.

Caribou Coffee– HOT- Bold Coffee.  COLD – Chocolate chip deal can’t remember the name.

I would love to hear what others try at these places.  I like variety and maybe I’ll try something you suggest.  What fun!!!


11 Responses

  1. dude, you are going to come hang out our coffee shop when it opens in October!


  2. Right now at Starbucks – HOT Pumpkin Spice Latte and COLD well either Caramel Frap or the Pumptkin Spice Frap.

  3. Chris: will do
    Ellison: I thought I might hear from you on this one

  4. Well, I might as well comment, too. I love the caramel macchiato at Starbucks, or as my husband and Flav say, St. Arbucks. I like the macchiato hot or cold. I also love the cold choc. chip dessert thing at Joe Muggs, which is in the Books a Million stores. Good stuff….. What did I ever do before coffee??

  5. Not to put a damper on this post but … not really a big coffee drinker here!

  6. Either a mocha latte with a shot of pepermint or a white chocolate latte – also with a shot of pepermint… but, truth be known – it’s all good. I always say that there are only two kinds of coffee — good and better. I’m one who can even warm-up yesterdays coffee and “enjoy” it.

  7. Speakin’ of coffee……..

  8. Hey Eric! Missing you guys like crazy!!!! Okay, HOT at Starbucks – Skinny Vanilla Latte. COLD is the mocha frap or coffee frap w/ whip!!

  9. Kurt: sorry…maybe tomorrow?
    Tammy: We miss you guys too.

  10. my frend, i went to scoops today, the biggest slice of cake my rovanian eyes ever seen. rock your face off.

  11. I HATE coffee flavored anything! However, Biggby Coffee is my favorite coffee shop for obvious reasons. I get the frozen hot chocolatey thing. And yes, that’s how I order it. “May I have one of those frozen hot chocolatey things with whipped cream and carmel drizzed on it?” My fav guy there is always super nice and I highly recommend everyone going there…. 🙂

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