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I’ve had a few of you call, e-mail or run into me and I could feel the hesitation in your voice or e-mail about whether or not to ask me what the latest is as for my providing for my family.

I’m working hard.  That’s about all I can say for the moment.  There are some opportunities that have not been confirmed, but there is positive consideration happening.  I don’t have anything landed yet, but hoping to hear very shortly on some things.

Don’t worry about asking me…doesn’t bother me a bit.  Just waiting on the Lord to help orchestrate the best He has to offer and the best for my fit.

Thanks for the calls, e-mails, prayers and encouragement, it means the most right now.

As for how I am thinking currently…I wouldn’t change a thing.  The last few months (make that years) have been challenging, but I am looking forward to pressing on with the Lord.  We’ll see what He has ahead.  I have ZERO regrets and I am confident that I have made some great decisions for the Lord to use me for His best.

To my family and friends, may God bless all of you during these weird and challenging times in our country’s history.


8 Responses

  1. we love you guys. God will take care of you. He can be trusted. Love & many prayers, the Pops.

  2. You beat me to the draw! I was going to Email you this afternoon after the fall festival.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. I’m glad you are waiting to see where wants you. Seek his direction and you have the job he wants you to have.

    Keep looking up!

    Take care!

  3. Eric,
    No doubt that God will provide! He always does! It’s His promise to us. He may not provide our wants but He always provides our needs. We are praying for you, Dana, Michael and Evan. I can imagine the wait is hard to know something for certain so I am praying that you will get an offer very soon!
    We love y’all!

  4. We know God has something awesome in store for you and your family! The waiting is the hardest part but it all happens in God’s timing. We will continue to pray for you and can’t wait to see what is ahead. Let’s try to get together soon!

  5. Eric, Dana, Michael and Evan:

    I get a smile on my face every time I think of you guys. You are definitely blessed with God’s hand and other than the hurt of having you gone, I can honestly say I have not worried about you guys. You have an awesome support group and family and friends that love you. (However, if you guys ever need a place to hang your baseball caps – we have a spare bedroom for Dana, the boys can sleep in the music room – and you, well Duke really likes to snuggle)

    Eric, you are so right about these being very strange times. One can feel it all around. You can see so many things unfolding. I am very concerned about the fate of our country and for us as Americans and Christians.

    I send my love to you and yours and I pray for the sake of all that God hasn’t gotten fed up with us as disobedient , spoiled, self centered children and will give us another chance to focus our eyes and hearts on Him.

    God bless – I know we will be hearing good news from you very soon!

    (I miss my Dana).



  6. Flav, David, Gabby, and Tammy: Thanks for all the encouragement and nice words. We feel confident as well. NO MATTER THE COST…..

    Marty: I like Duke and I think he likes me, no problem. I believe we are the ones to make a difference in these hard times. We can do it!!!!!!! We miss you guys as well, you know that has been the hardest part for us.

  7. Eric, Duke does like to snuggle – however, I must warn you he doesn’t share his food as well as the rest of the family!

    This generation, those here and now, I believe will have great opportunities to rise up by the numbers and show His love for us through our Faith in Him.

    I want us all to be in those numbers!

    Have a really blessed week!


  8. I miss my Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you and appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

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