1700 Days

Tomorrow I am going home.  I am visiting Hebron Church again and I haven’t been to a Sunday morning service in 1700 days.  I counted them up.

I’m a little nervous.  There has been a whole whirlwind of rumors flying about us.  There are people who will be pumped to see us back and for that I am thankful.  There will be many more who will not have a clue who we are.  There will be several who will be asking, “What happened?”  Yeah…I’m nervous.

The truth is I’ve missed them and the only reason I haven’t gone back sooner is that our family just needed some time to be private for a while.  For weeks there was no way I would have set foot back at Hebron just because of all the questions and such, but I am looking forward to being back and so is my family. 

For the last several weeks…..we haven’t belonged to anything.  You should try it, it stinks.  I don’t have a job yet, but at least I will belong again and to something that is led without fear.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Jesus, thank you for staying by my family.


4 Responses

  1. So, I guess your belonging to the St Arbucks community church counts for nothing??? :)))

    Dude, we’ll be glad to see you guys at Hebron. Larry did a sermon on security last week. When you know Whom you belong to, fear fades away.

    Look for me in the parking lot. :))))

  2. It’s Sunday a.m. about 7:50……….I can’t wait! It’s time to go “home”!

  3. I can tell you from the people I’ve talked to, that the Barnes family is LOVED at Hebron! I can tell by the way they talk and the words they say that you are cherished, treasured, and loved by them. They will be so happy to have you back! No doubt about it! We miss you here (and it still hurts) and think of you all often. God has you in the palm of His hand and He will never let you go!

    Love you guys,

  4. Hey Julie…..miss you so much! Thanks for your encouragement and commitment to Christ and His church. I’m certain HE is grateful to have you on HIS team!!! Love you……………..Dana

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