Why Would You Go To Church?

If you had no background in church or grew up with a family that didn’t go to church, why might you go to church?  If you struggle for an answer….try using what, where, when or how to help you think of what might give you a reason for going to a church.

I would really love to hear some answers on this one.  I am working on some research and you would really help me by answering.

Thanks to all of you who are willing to comment.


6 Responses

  1. If I was un-churched, never been to church etc. my entire life, there would be several reasons I might go to church:

    1) A life changing event/crisis ie…death, sickness, divorce. Looking for emotional support or looking for answers.

    2) If there were a church locally that was generating a lot of ” good buzz” in the community. A church that offers good programs. People talking about how good the worship service is. A church where people can come as they are without having to dress or act a certain way. This church would shine like a beacon into the night to the people in the community to have a better understanding of how to have a relationship with Christ. Also be a safe harbor for everyone.

    3) Influence of a spouse, friend, co-worker or relative. However the person who invites me would have to walk the walk and talk the talk. For me personally I notice things like that.

    I attended a church years ago where a guy walked into the lobby area on an 18 degree winter morning. It was duing the church service. I was an usher then. This guy walked in due to his car being broken down. He wanted to come in and get warm. He was not the best dressed guy in town and he was a little dirty probaly from working on his car. One of the other ushers said out loud “Who is that? Why is he in here?”. Before I could turn around and react the guy immediately shot back out the door. No one offered to invite him to come in or give him a ride home, cup of coffee or sit down in the service and get warm. I have never forgot that and promised God I would never do that.

    Hope this helps!

    Have a geat week!

  2. Eric,
    I guess if I had never been to church, the number one reason I would go would be because someone invited me! This is our job as believers….to be so contagious with our love for the Lord that others will want to be a part and have what we have! I guess another reason might be if the church offered something that I was interested in such as a concert, aerobics (NOT!), or opportunities for my children. However, I still strongly believe the reason that those who have never been a part of a church attend is because someone took the time to build a relationship with that person and show them the love of our Lord!! Have a great day! Love you guys bunches!!!!

  3. I would want to go to the church to see why these people are happier than I am and what they are doing inside those doors. I guess curiosity, would be the number one choice, but then you always see the church coming to the rescue and I want to be like them. My family did not attend church, I went with my grandparents and boy I am glad that I did.
    Christians have something that no one else has, Jesus and the fact that your future is covered. The peace about Christians, just knowing.

  4. Girls 😉

  5. Why would I go to Starbucks? Why would I go to Goodyear Tire? Why would I go to Five Guys? Why would I go to Baskin Robins? Why would I go to the PGA super store? Why would I buy from Microsoft or Mac?

    They all have something in common….they “KNOW” their product. It’s very specific and pretty much “singular.”

    If I were looking for God, I’d hope I could find him in the local church. Surely, they’d KNOW him there. Could I find Him elsewhere? Probably, but my best chance to meet Him should be in His House with His People.

  6. David, your comments are excellent and show experiential insight. I think you have known for some time the importance of the church to be ready for whatever would bring a person through its doors. We all need to give this some thought.

    Darla, you are so right! Many are just waiting for someone to ask them to church. Statistics are available that support this. See Thom Rainer’s book, “The Unchurched Next Door”. Fantastic book! You won’t be the same after reading it. Maybe you have alreadyread it!

    All the comments are very good!

    I have worked in outreach for years and believe that all Christians need to consider this question to have a better understanding of how to reach out to a lost world.

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