Interview With Larry Wynn

For my first interview on THE FAST LANE, I wanted to choose someone who has been instrumental in my life and my leadership.  I pick Larry Wynn because he is REAL.  Although over the years I have watched him take on larger and larger roles, I have noticed that he tries his best to stay REAL, or authentic for your Christian lingo hipsters. 

I picked ten questions because I felt twenty would be rude and five just wouldn’t be enough.  So, here they are, let’s see what Larry has to say:

First of all Larry, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for THE FAST LANE.  There really is no rhyme or reason to the questions, just curiosity.  I know you are busy and we’ll try not to take up too much time. 


Eric, I would be honored to answer these questions.  You, Dana and the boys are very special to Ethel and me.

1.  What is the latest news for Larry Wynn and his family?  

We are going to be grandparents for the first time.  The baby is due in April, and we are already making plans to spoil him or her big time!

2.  Who is your favorite SEC football team?  (We’ll get to the serious stuff in a minute.)

There’s not but one is there?  Go Dawgs!  UGA dogs that is!

3.  How do you spend your time when you are not working?  (hobbies, family, etc.)

Road and mountain biking.  That’s the pedal kind!  We also love seeing movies together as a family.

4.  You are a great leader in your own rite, but who would you say are great leaders that you listen, watch, read or subscribe to today for wisdom and leadership?

That is constanly changing for me, but one I admire and respect a lot is Rick Warren.

5.  Humanly speaking, who has had the greatest influence in your life and why?

My dad.  He exemplifies what a true leader is about.

6.  How long have you been the Senior Pastor at Hebron Baptist Church and why would you say that your tenure has been so long?

30 years.  They haven’t been able to find a pastor.  God gave me a vision and a love for the Hebron family when I first came to be pastor.  He let it be known in many ways I was to plant my life here.

7.  What’s your staff like?

Our staff is like family to me.  It is an honor to serve with them.  They each have their own gifts and strengths that make for a good team.

8.  What might someone who just moved into the community find from the people of Hebron Baptist Church?

A genuine care for them, and a desire that they have a personal relationship with God.

9.  If you could visit for a vacation any place on this planet, where would it be?


10.  What music are you listening currently in your car, mp3 player or iPod?

A variety of music.  My top two are still “Three Dog Night”  and “Charles Billinsly.”  I also like contemporary christian, country, pop, oldies, and the music from musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks Larry for taking time to do this for THE FAST LANE.  God bless you and your family as you minister to those in your community, North Georgia, our country and the world.





6 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing Larry with us.

  2. I knew I liked him! Anyone who tilts their hat to country music has my vote! However, Like Larry, I love it all!

    Honestly, about 9 years ago – my family was at Hebron – first time we stepped foot in a “Baptist” church in years. Larry’s message reached in and grabbed my heart and got it pumping so fast and the music turned my knees to rubber. I never had experienced such freedom and excitement in Worship and it had been so long since anyone had gotten my heart pumping so fast for the love of Christ. I left crying and my family was looking at me like I was crazy. I explained to them they were tears of joy – I enjoyed the service so much and was very happy I could feel again. You might say it woke the Holy Spirit up in me and I was so relieved it was there.

    Good interview, Eric, thanks for sharing!


  3. Larry = authentic, the real deal, visionary leader, pastor, friend … i could go on … and on.

    I had lunch with him today and he told me you interviewed him! Nice.

    I count it as one of God’s greatest privileges and blessings in my life to serve under someone like him!!!

  4. Larry…..Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with the blogging world.
    We love and appreciate you and your leadership!

  5. Larry has been a tremendous influence on Dacula, Gwinnett, Georgia, and beyond. And — his influence has been good… positive. Without being overly critical, there are only a few Pastors that I believe that could be said of them… very few. One of the reasons Larry continues to be such an awesome leader is his genuine love for people and his humility. It is off the chart unusual to find a man who leads a church the size of Hebron and still recognizes his own humanity. No Pope Wynn at Hebron… it’s simply Larry — or — Pastor Larry if it makes you feel more “respectful”. Great interview!

  6. wish i had a camera!!! i’m sitting in Larry’s office right now, posting you a comment, right on his computer. holy ground!!!

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