Tell On Yo Momma

Tell us who the singer was that made yo mamma blush?  Who was it when she heard him, she melted and stopped what she was doing and began to move across the room in slow motion?  Who was the heartthrob that made her heart pitter-patter?

My Mom’s FAV was:

Engelbert Humperdinck!!!  

(Please release me let me go…………………………….)

So who was it for yo momma?



This came across my desk today and I thought I would pass along the wealth.  Enjoy!

“Leaders, for some reason, see a bright future in the thickest fog… As Marcus Buckingham observes in The One Thing You Need to Know, ‘The opposite of a leader isn’t a follower. The opposite of a leader is a pessimist.’ The link between optimism and inspiration is direct and immediate: Thinking optimistically will make you feel better about yourself. Speaking optimistically will give others the confidence to follow your vision.”

Good Stuff!!!  Optimism goes a long way, but optimism with God’s Vision goes miles further.

I’m Your Huckleberry…

Movies.  How ’bout it?  What are you’re top five favorite movies of all time?  I have to admit…I don’t get to go to the movies much, but I love great stories.   So which movies could you watch again and again.  Wow…this is hard for me to decide.

Here are some of my favs:

1. It’s A Wonderful Life

2. Radio

3. Remember the Titans

4. A Few Good Men

5. Field of Dreams

Starbucks, a Scooter, a Job

One day when I get a job, I’m going to buy a scooter and ride it to Starbucks many, many times and sit outside with all the scooter dudes.

The New Dream…I’m still workin’ on it.  Give me time.

It’s Just Not FAIR!!!

Did you ever get a spanking?  Better known as A WHOOPIN’ if you grew up in the south.  Another familiar term was A SWITCHIN’.  Did you ever hear your Grandmother say, “And if you don’t get me a good SWITCH I’ll come pick one out myself.” (?)  Wow, shopping for a good tool to get beat with…the ultimate, why don’t you think about what you’ve done moment.  I remember thinking this is just not FAIR at those times.

Well, that saying it’s just not FAIR never did anything for me and here is one story of when it didn’t:

One day in sixth grade a kid in my homeroom class popped me in the back of the neck with a paper football (you know, the little paper folded triangle).  The pain kind of hacked me off, but not nearly as much as the pain I was going to endure for the rest of the day.  I rared back and just about the time the paper football left my hand my homeroom teacher Mrs. Wilbanks glanced my way, as she came up my isle and the paper football hit her square in the right cheek.  You think I was mad when I got hit….whew!  You would have thought I had slapped and spit on her.  Smoke was coming out of her ears, the blood vessels in her eyes were throbbing and her nostrils were flared like a spurred bull.  Her mouth drew in and she said, “Mister, you get out in that hall right this minute while I get my PADDLE.”  Dude, I was so frustrated.  I didn’t mean to hit her, but she didn’t know or care.  It just wasn’t FAIR.

OK.  For those of you that don’t know, my Mom was a fifth grade teacher and guess what?  Her classroom in the elementary school was less than fifty feet from my sixth grade classroom in the middle school, a terrible setup in my opinion.  Mrs Wilbanks marched me through the breeze way and into the elementary hallway and knocked on my Mom’s door.  We interrupted my Mom’s class….oh my gosh, never a good thing….now my Mom was ill as a hornet.  They took turns whacking my fanny.  I remember thinking to myself, “it’s just not FAIR!!!”

Well, I wish the story ended here, but it doesn’t.  When I got home my Mom told my Dad about what had happened.  The deal was, if I ever got A WHOOPIN’ at school…I would get one at home.  Now, please say it with me, “It’s just not FAIR!!!”  Believe me it wasn’t FAIR.  My dad is not a huge guy, but I tell you what he was God gifted when swinging a belt or paddle.  Three paddlings in one day…it was my record and it still stands. 

An interesting thing to note, I never hit a teacher with anything ever again and I always was very aware of where the teacher was in the class room from then on.  Sometimes the lack of FAIRness has a way of making a point and changing behavior.  Boy…I’ll say.

75′ Olds – The Lead Sled

For a 16 year old boy nothing compares to that first car and experiencing independence, power and adventure.  No more driving the family car or these days a minivan.  I was fortunate to have summer jobs and part-time jobs at the time that allowed me to afford my first car at age 16 in 1984.  The first car I was able to buy was a mustard brown,1975 Oldmobile Cutlass Supreme with a 350 V8 engine, rally wheels, and a landau top.  I was so proud of that car and had it looking sharp.  At ten years old, it only had 48,000 miles when I got it, but I nearly put that much on it the first year I had it.  Great car!!!  I loved it!!

I was so glad not to have to drive the family car a 1980 Dodge Omni and a 1981Ford Courier anymore.  Don’t get me wrong I was glad to be able to drive them, but neither compared to being able to buy my own car and it rocked!

So, I have a couple of questions for you?

1.  What was the first car you bought on your own? 

2.  What did you have to drive before you bought your first car?

I’d love to hear your story.  Hit me.

Michael Allsup of Three Dog Night – the interview

A few posts back many of you gave me your lists of great bands of the 70s and I listed Three Dog Night.  Several of you mentioned them as well.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting all of the guys in Three Dog Night because my uncle, Freeman Batchelor toured with them as road manager, etc. in the 70s.

Michael Allsup plays all the great guitar licks you hear on the killer hits that they had in the 70s.  Michael and my uncle have been friends for many years now and I have to say, Michael has been cool as grits to me beginning with personal notes on albums when I was six, to providing seats on stage in the 90s to just playing golf when he and the band have come to Atlanta.  What a thrill for me to interview him for my blog, FORWARD.  So, let’s ask some questions:

1.  It’s football season.  Who is Michael Allsup pulling for in regards to college and pro teams?Too many to name. I love the Patriots but Brady’s out for the season, … love Indianapolis, kind of like the NY Giants, the Jets and Favre are tickling my ribs. I guess I’m more of a “good weather” fan when it comes to my west coast teams. I’m wanting to be a 49er fan again, but it is hard these days. Oh, I left out N’Wahluns Saints. Pulling for them, too. College? Hmmmm, USC I suppose.


2.  Who is your favorite guitarist of all time?

An easy answer on that one: Jimi Hendrix. Nobody like him, although much imitated. He’s my number one fav of all time. Best rock n roller/blues/psycodelic/whatever that ever came down the pike. Let me list a few others that I love. Wes Montgomery, Freddie King, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather (Luke), Ted Nelson (my original guitar teacher who was blind), and of course Stevie Ray who was just coming into his own when he was in that helicopter crash that killed him. Other ones? Tony Mattola, Roy Clark, Jerry Reed, Jerry Reed, and Jerry Reed. “Cletus Snow” smoked. Just ask Glen Campbell, who also smoked/s.

3.  What guitar do you play in concerts now and what have you played over the years withThree Dog Night?
I now play a Fender STRAT ULTRA and love it. It has humbucking lace sensor pickups in the bridge position which gives it a good kick. Also, the EBONY fingerboard is worth mentioning. Way better than any of the other fingerboard materials such as rosewood, etc. Denser, thus smoother yet better than the blonde necks for getting sustain out of the strings when using finger vibrato due to the small grain. One other feature of the STRAT ULTRA’s are the hand vibrato/wobble stick/whatever. It’s a tad different than the standard strat. Dives quicker and seems to hold tuning a tad better. The hand unit itself SNAPS in, instead of screwing in like the standard strats. I’ve changed out the NUT on mine, preferring the Wilkinson roller nut. In the “old days” I played a Telecaster for awhile, but mainly … a LES PAUL. Most of our hits were done on my Les Paul’s. Gold tops and Black Beauty’s.
4.  Do you remember the first band you ever played a gig with?
Absolutely. We played at a school assembly in 8th grade. Does that count? This would have been in about 1960. The first REAL gig was at a small room in Modesto, CA. called “The Fable Room” which was located below street level under a hotel. A junior/senior prom event if I remember correctly. Mostly, we played some of the tunes my guitar teacher was teaching me, but we did sneak in “Tequila”, “Harlem Nocturne”, “Louie Louie” and a host of VENTURES tunes. At one time we were called “The Chancellors”, then “The Viscounts.”
5.  How much of a clue did you have that Three Dog Night was going to do something BIG when you agreed to be in the band?
Somewhat of a clue, although none of us new just HOW big the band would be. We were all confident that this band was going places, but I can’t really say we KNEW it. We all had “the dream” and the chemistry was there. That’s putting it mildly. CHEMISTRY like you wouldn’t believe. Like I wouldn’t believe. A fantastic gathering of people and talent that would shape my life incredibly.

10.  Remember when you guys (TDN) were the first band to ride a float in the Rose Bowl Parade?  Sorry…Chris Farley moment.   Was there a 3DN gig that stands out as the “we’re never going there again” gig (that you can talk about)?


None that I can TALK ABOUT. Nyuk.
COOL!!  Thanks Michael for answering a few questions from THE FAST LANE.  Michael has a solo album titled “Some Women.”  To place an order please click the link below.




6.  Do you have a favorite event or concert that sticks out in your mind as the coolest?
Not really, although there have been a lot of great ones in my memory. The Dallas Cotton Bowl gig (way back when) was a hoot. Just too many shows to really pick one. Sorry.
7. Realizing most of your life has been on the road and understanding that home must be a treasured place to be after traveling all the time, what is a typical day at home like for a rock n’ roll guitar player these days?
You will find me up on a ladder trimming trees, building wood projects, backyard projects of varied intentions. A lot like the rest of you, really. BEING HOME IS BEING ON VACATION FOR ME.
8.  What is your favorite Three Dog Night song?
Probably “WOMAN” although we don’t play it live anymore. Truth is: I love all the songs we play. I really do. What I love most is the wonderful smiles on the faces of the audience when we start a song and they recognize it. I always wanted that and now I have it. A beautiful thing. I’d like to thank each of them individually if I could.
9.  Of all the places you’ve visited what would you say is your favorite town/city in the U.S. of A?
Again: HOME. Modesto, CA.  I must admit to being partial to the North country. Particularly, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Some lovely places in upstate New York. All of New England. Of course these places are very seasonal, so one must take that into consideration when visiting.