Your Favorite 70s Band

I have many choices in the this era, but I would have to say that my favorite 70s band would have to be “Three Dog Night.”  My uncle was the road manager for them during the 70s and their biggest years.  Here is my list of favorites:  

Three Dog Night, Eagles, Kansas, Cream, Foreigner, Bad Company

There are more, but these are the top six.


How about you?  Who are your favs from the 70s?

P.S.   I am doing an interview with a famous 70s guitar player soon, so stay tuned.


16 Responses

  1. My favorites bands were The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Who and The Rolling Stones. I also liked Neil Young, who wasn’t a band but put out some great music in the 70’s.

  2. Hey Eric…..I see you went way back to find that pic above of the Dog. Until I worked for them, I didn’t realize what great musicians they really were. However, the pic above left out the keyboard player, Jimmy Greenspoon, still today one of the best at his instrument.

    Although some of the bands I will list are borderline late 60’s, here they are:

    (Led Zeppelin), (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), (The Allman Brothers), (Yes), (The Eagles), (The James Gang), ( The Jimi Hendrix Experience), (Blind Faith), (Derek & the Dominos),(Traffic), and of course, (Three Dog Night).

  3. Free: I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch Greenspoon not in the pic. As a huge fan I should lose at least 500 points for not noticing. I changed the pic to my second choice. Pretty funny pic of Michael and Floyd. Great list by the way.

    John: Great list as well.

  4. Ashley: Don’t get mad. I’m giving you a do over. I’ll do a post on the 80s and I will let it be your post on my blog, but I’m going to challenge you. I never said you had to be born during or before the 70s. I bet there are songs and bands that you really liked from the 70s and I want you to figure out who they were. Again I will dedicate the 80s post for you in a couple of days.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. No, you are right. There were some great 70s bands like the Bee Gees and the Eagles. I just wanted to make you feel bad for being old. He! He!

  6. eb, the Eagles for sure. What about Queen? I used to listen to them a lot, I know hard to believe listening to that in north west Romania :)))

  7. Ashley: Not bad, I bet you listened to more. You’re too late to make me feel old. I have one in high school now. All I have to do is go to a restaurant and point at girls and he let’s me know I’m OLD.

    Flav: Queen, definitely a strong band of the 70s. If you grew up in the USA and went to a stadium event you heard, “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.” And, many more hits from them as well.

  8. Boston – for actual music… Led Zeplin and The Who for rock power and “the era”… Neil Young and Crazy Horse for their “edge”… Queen and 10CC for their “experimentation”… There are so many more. This was my time — and I couldn’t begin to create an exhaustive list… but this gets it started.

  9. The Bee-Gees were the best (too bad we’ll never see them on stage again…). But, I’ve gained a real appreciation for The Doobie Brothers and Foreigner.

  10. Dan: Nice list. I figured you would come up with a good one. No more lighters at a concert since we have cell phones now.

    Steve J: The Bee Gees got connected with the disco movement and it really depreciated them for a while, but the truth is there harmonies were very unique and if you sit and listen to all their hits you realize they were so much more than disco. You can’t go wrong with the Doobs and Foreigner.

  11. Eric, Freeman sent me your link, I will bookmark your blog and have fun reading more here. There are many greats on the list so far but let me add to it. My list is the greatest LIVE shows I saw and remembered (haha). (Steppenwolf), (Yes), (Emerson Lake and Palmer), (Paul McCartney and Wings), (ZZ Top), (Pink Floyd), (Queen), (TDN), (The Who), (CSN), (Mothers Finest), (Allman Bros), and 2 that I can’t believe that Freeman left off his list because he was there. (Toto) and (David Gates and Bread).

  12. I was an 80’s girl, but I had two older sisters who listened to the 70’s stuff. I guess my fav’s were Led Zepplin, The Eagles, and Rod Stewart and Aerosmith…..although I liked them better in the 80’s.

  13. Scott: Great list! You hit some I forgot about also. You’re right…I saw David Gates and Bread at the Omni years ago and TOTO was great band that leaked over into the 80s as well. By the way, I can remember listening to CSN&Y on Freeman’s cassette deck in the Ford Grenada. There ya go.

    Tammy: Like I told Ash…the 80s are coming. Hold your horses. Good list and I wondered who would finally list Rod Stewart. I knew it might not be Freeman, Scott, Dan or Steve J. although I thought Steve J. got close with the BeeGees.

  14. I liked every type of music from the ’70’s – except disco. I remember hearing Darryl Hall say that disco was the darkest era in rock music.
    Some of my favorites were Allman Brothers, Led Zepplin, Grand funk Railroad, Queen, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Eagles, James Taylor, Dixie Dregs, Rush, Yes, & Return to Forever – just to name a few. I still have albums by these groups as well as a bunch of others from different decades. I was fortunate to grow up listening to everything from country to bluegrass to classical to jazz fusion and I love it all.

  15. I was listening to the Eagles rolling into UGA in1989. I still love grilling out to The Steve Miller Band. Crosby, Stills & Nash. Neil Young & Crazy Horse were the beginnings of the “grunge” I dig from the 90’s. James Taylor & America are two favs. I love driving and listening to The Doobies, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner and 38 Special. I believe it was 1979 and barely makes it, but Eddie Van Halen with Eruption is still The Deal!

  16. Sandy: Great list, I knew it would be all you guys that lived it in highschool and after really have great lists. What’s an album? You’re right I still have them too and my boys go what is that? I like it all too, music that is.

    AO: All my favs too. 70s made great rock and roll music. 80s got weird. Great guitar in the 70s. In the 80s i think they wanted everything to sound like a computer.

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