My Interview With FLAVIU POP

Well, everyone I interview has a special tug or pull on my heart and Flaviu Pop is no exception.  Flav and I met in the ministry together and I started pulling his Romanian leg until he became and American.  I crack me up sometimes.  He got his American citizenship a couple of years ago and is a bona fide Romanian American now.  In other words, he belongs whether he is in Romania or the USA.  And, he gets to vote in November.  Cool. 

Flav is the new Pastor of Middle School Ministries at Hebron Church in Dacula, Georgia.  Another thing to note is that I owe him for probably half the comments on this blog.  He’s a faithful bro who loves Jesus.  Now, let’s ask him some questions:

1.  Why is your name Flaviu Pop?  Does that name originate from south Georgia or are you a yankee or what?
I’m a Yankee from the beautiful North Western Romania, that’s what I am :). Why Flaviu, ha! Good question. My mom and dad liked the name, they named me after a cousin I never met, he died and all, so you ask them why they thought that was a cool name. In it’s original, it means “blond, yellow hair”. Now you know that would be a stretch for my color, haha. 
(FORWARD):  This from a guy with jet black hair, go figure.
2.  Where is Romania?  Seriously, we know it’s in Europe, but what borders it or what other countries is it closest? 
Eastern Europe, bordering with Hungaria, Bulgaria, Turkey. Pretty close to Austria. 
(FORWARD):  I knew TURKEY had to be close.
3.  What brought you to the USA and Georgia more specifically?
School. I came here in 1997 to continue my education in seminary (Tennesee Temple, Chattanooga, TN). Georgia was my first connection to the US. A good friend of mine (Buddy Scudder) from Jonesboro got me here in the 1st place. 
(FORWARD):  No offense, but “Buddy Scudder” sounds like the next logical name for the next Baskin Robbins’ Ice Cream flavor.  I’ll take two scoops of “Buddy Scudder” in a cake cone, please.
4.  Is your wife from Romania too?  How did you meet?
Yes, Gabby is also from Romania. She came here with her family, 7 years before I did. I met her at the First Romanian Baptist Church of Atlanta in 1999. 
(FORWARD):  And just like the rest of us…he out punted his coverage.  In other words he did well.
5.  Do you and Gabby have children?          
Yes we do. Joshua 5, and Grace 2. 
(FORWARD):  Otherwise known as SNAP and CRACKLE.  Just kidding…I love these two.
6.  Do you like middle schoolers?  Don’t laugh…it’s an important question.
I love middle school students! And I’m not laughing. I know some of my peeps reading this might be smiling. I have gotten “the look” a few times in my few years of ministry from people when I asked them to help with Middle School students. Then some have told me, “I’ll pray for you.” Whatever dude, I’m diggin’ MS kids. Why? They are the real deal. They hold nothing back. Transparent is what they are and what they want. 
7.  What do you like to do when you have time off work?
Chill with my family. Love on my kids and my wife. I love capturing moments with my precious family on picture. I like to grill, cook. I love books, read a lot and can’t seem to get enough. Always learning is my thing. 
8.  What do you like most about being at Hebron?
My boss, Kevin Miller would be a first without a doubt. His leadership amazes and stretches me constantly. I thrive around him. Both Gabby and I love Hebron, our new church family. Larry is one amazing pastor and friend. We look forward to Sundays. We love our new students and their parents. Adam Courtney, my new worship guy rocks my face off. Btw, he also is involved with worship at Buckhead Church. 
(FORWARD):  Adam Courtney helping with Buckhead church?  Niiiiiiizzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
9.  The night before you went to the beach with your family, what happened to your car?
Some freaks came and wrote all over it stuff about Joey was here, deadgumit and starbucks junkie, andy is my hero and stuff like that. If I ever catch them around my driveway ….
(FORWARD):  I here you bro.  You can check out more at this link:
10.  How many middle schoolers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
3 total, plus one round table. One to do the screw in deal and two to spin the table around 🙂 Oh, maybe 4. The 4th one to dial 911.
(FORWARD):  GREAT ANSWER!  I thought I might throw him off with this one, but this is one witty Captain America.
Thanks my friend for answering these questions for THE FAST LANE.  You are greatly respected in many circles and we know that you will love and care for those you lead.  We will continue to pray for your family and ministry.
I love you bro.  E

8 Responses

  1. I love that picture of the two of you! You should have also used the ones with you and Flaviu and the lemon peel as well. Great times…great friends:) Me and Dana are next on a silly face picture. Great questions, great answers…funny.

  2. ok you guys!!!! still the same silliness!! haha love all of you. Our family misses you all. Nothing ever changes. Thank goodness

    P.S. Flav you made robert do the MS????

    Nicole & Robert

    actually robert is asleep just thought i should add him. hahahahahahhahahaha

  3. Hey Flaviu! Miss you buddy Hebron is lucky to have you.


  4. yeah Nicole, I did!!! :)) yet he did it with tons of passion. Love that bulldawg. Black lights and all.

    Tyler, thanks. Miss u buddy.

  5. Flav, we miss you guys. It was so fun to teach Joshua in Cubbies. Wish I could have gotten to teach Grace too. She is precious. Love the family picture above. Thanks Eric for doing this interview.

  6. Okay, the Buddy Scudder ice cream comment had me cracking up!!!! That one goes in the Fast Lane Hall of Fame, for sure. Thanks for keeping us caught up on the adventures of Flav. 🙂

  7. Gab: The Lemon Peel is a not so classy joint in Myrtle Beach, SC that Flav nor I have ever attended or would attend. I do like that pic of us also. Yes folks! That’s what we’re really like.

    Nicole: Miss you guys too! Don’t be a stranger to THE FAST LANE. You either Tyler…we keep this student friendly.

    Ellison: As always you are the encourager. I love it.

    Tammy W: Thank you….very much….Hall of Fame…hmmmm……by the way, remember the post I gave to you on THE FAST LANE? You’ve had 185 hits…one of the highest.

  8. Dude. Have I ever told you you resemble Chucky?

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