75′ Olds – The Lead Sled

For a 16 year old boy nothing compares to that first car and experiencing independence, power and adventure.  No more driving the family car or these days a minivan.  I was fortunate to have summer jobs and part-time jobs at the time that allowed me to afford my first car at age 16 in 1984.  The first car I was able to buy was a mustard brown,1975 Oldmobile Cutlass Supreme with a 350 V8 engine, rally wheels, and a landau top.  I was so proud of that car and had it looking sharp.  At ten years old, it only had 48,000 miles when I got it, but I nearly put that much on it the first year I had it.  Great car!!!  I loved it!!

I was so glad not to have to drive the family car a 1980 Dodge Omni and a 1981Ford Courier anymore.  Don’t get me wrong I was glad to be able to drive them, but neither compared to being able to buy my own car and it rocked!

So, I have a couple of questions for you?

1.  What was the first car you bought on your own? 

2.  What did you have to drive before you bought your first car?

I’d love to hear your story.  Hit me.


14 Responses

  1. The first car I bought was a white ’98 Toyota Tacoma, Ext. cab, 4×4. (I loved that truck)
    Before that I drove an old ’86 Isuzu Trooper (aka: box on wheels) that my family had.
    Pimp rides none the less!

  2. I was 20 years old and had just graduated from college. I accepted a teaching position and needed transportation. My car was a beige 1963 Covair with the stick shift in the floor. It was fantastic! I loved driving it and hated that I had to sell it after about 5 yrs.
    My Dad taught me to drive our old carry-all truck. I thought I would never learn to change gears. We Iunged and jerked around the block a number of times.It was comical.
    After that I was allowed to drive our 1958 DeSoto. It was new and the color was a beautiful metallic green.

  3. ’72 Chevy shortbed with a 350 four barrel. Coustom smoke gray w/ black diamond tuck interior on the bench seat. Anybody remember the net tailgates? It was baaaaadd! In my infamous 16 year old wisdom I talked my dad into a electric blue Z-24 and shunned the truck….bad choice. Wise 16 year old! hmmph!

  4. fall of 1999, Nisan Altima gxe, still driving it 🙂 Before, I drove a Buick Park Avenue 1986 which was given to me, pimpin no doubt, leather seats and all. Can’t wait to get Gabby’s 4Runner!

  5. 1st car-1968 Mustang 4 in the floor, 286 engine, aqua in color bought in 1973. I had a classic in my hands and didn’t even know. I later sold it to my brother who sold it and so the story goes.

    Vehicle before that-1962 chevrolet pick-up which was my late grandfather’s truck. Three gears on the column. That truck could fly!

  6. One other thing; the truck was not a babe magnet!

  7. The first car I bought was a 1976 Fiat X19, Chocolate Brown and it was like driveing a go-cart. Not real fast but would really hold the road. After longing for muscle I bought a 1975 Pontiac Firebird with a 350 4 Barrel 4 speed with Ram Air, very fast car.
    The first car I had available to drive at 16 was the family 1971 Duster with a slant 6 – 225 motor. No Speed, No Handling and No Girls, must have been the Dark Green paint, but at 35-40 cents a gal for gas we did plenty of driving.

  8. My first car was an Oldsmobile Cutlass. It was a handy-me-down from my mom, and a nice car for a Senior in high school. The first car I ever bought on my own was a black, two-door 1988 Pontiac Gran Am. Loved it!!! We kept that car until Michael was about a year old. The two-doors were tough with a little one and a carseat.

  9. ’66 Ford Mustang, Midnight Blue w/ White ragtop; 289 3 speed automatic. It had Cragar’s & 60’s all around. Holley 2bbl and of course the Glaspac.

    I was driving a ’69 Dodge Coronet before that while in High School.

  10. I bought my first car at age 13. It was a 1964 Pontiac Tampest. I bought it to tear apart and make a Baha Buggy, which I did. My parents weren’t overly fond of the fact that I bought the car, let alone that I drove it off the lot and over to my grandad’s shop… but it rocked – and the buggy was a blast. My first actual car for legal driving was a 1961 Studebaker Lark VI. I came along at the end of the muscle-car era, so I took the stock motor out and put in a 283 Chevy with raised cam, bored over, turned crank, Eddlebrock high-rise manifold with a Holley 4 barrel, a Muncy 4 speed tranny out of a 69 Z-28, a 411 rear-end out of a 57 Chevy… the works. Back in the day – it was the bomb. Custom brown/gold metal flake metallic paint, Craiger 5-spoke mags, custom courdoroy interior – a real head-turner… and extremely fast. Oh, for the day…

  11. Oh my…….listen to the Motor Heads sing…..coool

  12. When I had to pay for my first car the only transportation I had was a 300cc Honda Dream motorcycle. It was 1970 and for some reason, without notice, winter came and it got too cold to ride. My Dad could always find a deal on cars so I asked him to look for me a good used car. And boy did he….a 1967 V-8 Maroon 2-dr hardtop Barracuda. Beautiful car, would love to have it now.

    I learned to drive in several cars. One was a 1960 Desoto, the next to last year they made those. What a car! It was only 2 yrs. old and had wings about a foot deep all the way from the back door to the tail light. My junior yr. in high school I drove a 1953 Desoto Fluid Drive,(3 gears on the column and no clutch). I dropped the universal joint in that baby showing my behind right in front of the school. My senior yr. in high school, 1965, my Dad bought another car for me to drive, a V-8 Plymouth Valiant Signet. Very sporty. That little car would fly. It was a push button and would squeech the tires when changing buttons.

  13. Any more ladys who would like to give some input? Don’t be intimidated by these MOTOR HEADS…we can’t help it. Feel free to tell us how PRETTY you’re first car was or wasn’t.

  14. I bought my first car when I was 21. It was a Plymouth Duster, a repo at the local bank. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was the cleanest car around! I washed it every week! I would think of any excuse to have a place to go just so I could drive MY car.

    With insurance, my monthly payments were $78.00.

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