Starbucks, a Scooter, a Job

One day when I get a job, I’m going to buy a scooter and ride it to Starbucks many, many times and sit outside with all the scooter dudes.

The New Dream…I’m still workin’ on it.ย  Give me time.


16 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s just me – but given the title of this blog and the picture accompanying it… I think you’ve earned a new nickname. Scooter Barnes. It’s got a good ring to it!

  2. I apprecia-fy that Dan.

  3. Just a suggestion, Scooter… The new job, when you get it, make sure it comes with a dental plan!

  4. Yep! When ya pull yur scooter into that thar Starbucks ya will turn a few of they heads fer sur!

    Hey you might even clear the store if ya do it over at at Hamilton Mill!

    Hamilton Mill, take yur shoes off, Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

    Man ya have a lot of white teeth for a country felller!

    From just over the hollar straight as the crow flies!
    Your pal David

  5. U one crazy cat!!!

  6. That’s a fabulous idea. You must, however, purchase a scooter that is too small for you. ‘Cause that’s how you do it at St. Arbucks. Then, whenever someone makes any kind of comment to you, you respond with, “That’s how I roll.” Now you are set…well you might need kneepads.

  7. who is that guy? Joey….is that you??????????? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Scoot, call me on the job thing, I don’t have a dental plan though.

  9. So, riding a scooter to Starbucks is the “in” thing? Hmm. Who knew??

    Getting a little cold for that now isn’t it. Or is that the thing? Take a chilly ride and warm up with a $5 cup of coffee…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. John: I’m on git me one ‘nem 409ks, too.
    David: Don’t tell nobody……em ain’t my real teeth!!!
    Flaviu: Spoked by a true Ronavian redneck – Bubbiu…
    Tammy: Abstolutely…you’re thanker…I like at. Awesum idee.
    Dana: Yeah baby….at’s meee…..with my teeth in.
    Kurt: Great sense of humor….more meaning there than meets the eye.

  11. Joey, did u brush yo teeth???

  12. Jeff: No, gittin’ off yore scooter and sittin’ in frunta da Starbucks is the “in” thang.

    Bubbiu (Flav): No, you ain’t gotta brush porse-lin.

  13. dude u look like bubba the coffee guy, little to much
    caffeine on those teeth

  14. Eric – is that the picture you have been submitting with your Resume????

  15. Robert W: Yeah…nice teeth.

    Marty: Touche’…..maybe that’s why I still don’t have a job. Although, most people appreciate a nice set of teeth.

  16. I told you the Pike was no good! Stay off that swill!!!

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