Tell On Yo Momma

Tell us who the singer was that made yo mamma blush?  Who was it when she heard him, she melted and stopped what she was doing and began to move across the room in slow motion?  Who was the heartthrob that made her heart pitter-patter?

My Mom’s FAV was:

Engelbert Humperdinck!!!  

(Please release me let me go…………………………….)

So who was it for yo momma?


7 Responses

  1. I don’t know that he ever made mom blush – but, I know she loved his voice… Eddie Arnold. It’s funny (and sad), but if I close my eyes and try, I can still hear the sound of the snap, crackle, pop of the record – and Eddie singin’… “Oooo, Oooo, Oooo -oo —– singin’ the cattle call”. Wow, and I thought all that was behind me! (Actually, he did have a great voice).

  2. I remember my mom had a Mario Lanza boxed set she used to play all the time. She also liked Frank Sinatra. We had one of those big, 4-legged stereos and it was at the top of the stairs next to the living room of our house. That living room was beautifully decorated with black and white shag carpet and gold velor furniture!

  3. Barry White.

  4. I remember my mom liking Engelbert Humperdink, but what I remember more is my grandmother loving “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. She absolutely loved that song. So much so that she had my older brother go out and buy the 45 for her (remember 45s?).

  5. Elvis, of course!

  6. My moma was to Baptist to ever dance or swoon over anyone! I remember her loving the Supreme’s Christmas album though. Just can’t recall her ever being smitten with a male singer.

  7. Dan: I remember my Mom admiring Eddie Arnold as well and I’m pretty sure she was a closet Elvis fan also, but she admitted Engelbert.

    John: We had a stereo like that as well, as a matter of fact I think it’s still in my folks basement.

    Kurt: What about james Brown?

    Sandy: Cute about your Grand mom. Roy O was a good one too.

    Steve: I really thought there might be more Elvis comments. I think he had more attention than most for our Mother’s generation. Some had to be closet fans.

    Tammy: I bet she liked more than you know, you think? In the 50s and 60s it wasn’t appropriate to discuss. Our moms were…..girls, teenage girls at that. Closet fans….I like to call them. You don’t think so?

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