Georgia Bulldog Fans!!!

georgia-bulldog-logos180x360s180x360Just got back from the game a few hours ago.  Thanks again to my bro inlaw, Tony for the tickets.  Well, we got WET and from all senses of the word.  I walked away thinking about the whole season and here is my two cents and it hasn’t changed much since I last posted.

DISCIPLINE, or the lack there of, is the reason we were not stronger this year.  You can blame it on youth for the offensive line, but that’s not why we lost the REAL games.  We struggled to focus when focus was needed. 

Today we were up by three scores and our lack of discipline, focus and motivation let the opponent get up by two scores on us.  That’s five scores that they made to get ahead.  You can have the best QB, RB and WRs in the nation and if you don’t have discipline you can’t contend in the REAL games.  Look back at the losses, they didn’t beat us (well, maybe Alabama did), we just gave the games away.  Florida never had to do anything, but keep their game plan.  We fell all over ourselves.  Tech, please, we should have wiped them out.  The OPTION is too hard.  Good grief…if you can’t defend that you don’t belong in the top 20. 

Oh well, just disgruntled and dissappointed I guess.  I still love my Dawgs, Coach Richt, Larry Munson (cool send off by the way), Vince Dooley (Again, nice honors today), and the Bulldog Nation.

Hey, do you think Stafford and Moreno will be with us next year?  Let me know.


Thanksgiving Day

img_0681It’s 10:08am, Thanksgiving day, what’s on your TV?  The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been our tradition for years.  There is too much to do to sit down and watch, but it plays in the background and everyone stops to see what’s next.

The parade reminds me of several things.  Tradition, famous, new, heart felt, commercial, party, and nostalgia are all part of this great historical and present day event.  It amazes me how all those characteristics work together to make the parade such an event tuned in by millions.

We could all take note that the use of the traditional without the new of today’s culture makes us ineffective.  In other words…if the Macy’s parade was not willing to offer new floats, new ideas, new generations of everything represented along with the traditions…it would die.  While using tradition as a basis, the culture of the parade has changed decade after decade and year after year.  If it didn’t they would cease to reach today’s generation and generations to come.  Sound familiar?

I’ve heard several say it, but a couple of years ago Charles Stanley made a familiar statement at Drive 06′ that goes like this, “The methods MUST change, but the message can NEVER change.”  The world around us gets it when it comes to changes in the culture and new generations.  Businesses that will not change die and go out of business.  Churches that will not change die and are no longer effective. 

Paraphrasing from the book, TRIBES (Seth Godin) which says, if you fall in love with the system and never change you can no longer grow.  If you are not growing…you are dying. 

I’m sure we could all reflect on this as we thank God for all His blessings this year.  As we reflect on how He’s blessed us in the past, may we never forget that He wants to bless us in the future as well and we must reach the future generations.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

LISTEN and LEARN – week 1

lal_currentThis week at North Point, Andy started a new series called, “Listen and Learn.”  Good stuff here. 

Here are my notes:


Bible scripture:  2 Chronicles 18

This is the story of King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat.  King Ahab didn’t listen to advice he was given from God’s phrophet and it cost him his life in a battle he never should have been a part.


  • What we don’t want to hear is usually what we need to hear.

Questions we should ask ourselves:

  1. Who are you LISTENING to?
  2. Who do you need to QUIT LISTENING to?
  3. Who SHOULD you LISTEN to?
  4. What do you NOT want to HEAR?
  5. Whose advice are you RESISTING because you don’t like what they’re saying.


whyWORRY – part 3


Today’s scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-18  (Elijah, main character) 

God was ready to teach Ahab and the baal prophets a lesson.  The baal prophets came up empty when trying to get baal to make it rain.  ww_slideshow_npcc12Elijah poked fun at baal and the prophets.  Elijah was confident of Yahweh, his Father and his God.  God brought down fire on the water drenched alter and soon made it rain in the barren land.

Elijah was threatened by Jezebel and he ran.  He ran to the mountain of God.  God made Elijah realize that he had forgotten that in all his circumstances that he could do nothing about tomorrow, but trust God and God has a plan for tomorrow.

Here are a couple of specific things said by Andy:

  • Today’s worries can blank out what God is doing today
  • In the moments of worry, we forget about God’s faithfulness in the past

Main point: 


Bulldogs Slobber Over the Tigers

evil-richt-georgia-bulldog-mark-richt-in-all-black1Well, it wasn’t pretty, but it was a win.  I wasn’t overly impressed with our defense today and Stafford didn’t seem to have his whole game on.  Moreno, Massaquoi and Green all looked great!  We should have beat them by two or three touchdowns.

I thought the referees were pretty bad.  I saw several penalties that they either missed or decided to let go by.  I felt that many of their calls were slighted.  If they were not I’ll say it again this year, “we need to work on our discipline.”  We’ve had way too many penalties and stupid, mindless errors than usual.  What’s up with that?

Oh and another thing, does anyone know why Auburn is the tigers and the war-eagles?  Come to think of it, that other Alabama school is the crimson tide and the elephants.  What’s up with the Alabama schools?  Do they have a TRADITIONAL team name and a CONTEMPORARY team name?


The Recipe for Thanksgiving

BXP45536Often I am reminded of how blessed I am.  God has provided for me so much since my first day of becoming a part of this world.  I have parents that love me.  My wife and boys are more than I could ever have imagined I would have.  Our extended family is awesome as well.  We have a roof over our heads and food to eat everyday and so much more.  We all have given our lives to God by receiving His Son, Jesus.  Now that’s a recipe for Thanksgiving.  Thank You, Lord.

Here is the project.  Can you help me?  Will you or your spouse (Ladies, I may need your help significantly on this one) add a favorite Thanksgiving recipe in the comments below?  I’ll start, here goes.  By the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING next week to you and yours!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes:



2 c. self-rising flour, 1 1/2 c. buttermilk, 1c. self-rising cornmeal, 1 egg (beaten), 3 T. shortening (melted)

Combine flour, cornmeal and melted shortening.  Add buttermilk and egg.  Mix well.  Bake in a large pan at 400 degrees until browned and firm.


1 recipe cornbread, 4 eggs, 1/2 c. onion, 1/2 c. celery, 1/4 tsp. black pepper, 1 1/2 tsp. sage or poultry seasoning, Approx. 4 – 5 c. chicken or turkey broth

Crumble cornbread and add onion, celery, pepper, sage and eggs.  Add enough broth to make real thin.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hour or until brown.

The Little Corner Store

I was thinking about memory lane for some reason today and thought of the little corner store that was across the street from where I grew up for my first five years.  It was Mr. Sammon’s (Bobbin, Free help me with spelling it’s been 36 years) store.  I would like to describe it to you and see if you had a similar experience growing up.

First, I remember that my Mom would give me about 40 cents and I would come back with one of those little brown paper bags filled with candy.  I could get a drink, a sucker, some pixie sticks, jolly ranchers, and more before I got the 1 cent pieces of gum to top it off.

The little store was a cinder block building with two gas pumps in front.  It had one of those old store screen doors that went WHACK!!! when it slammed back to the door jam.  This store couldn’t have been a room bigger than 20ft x 20ft. 

There was a soda pop cooler (not machine) immediately to the left when you came in and you lifted the lids to see what was laying in it.  I remember that most of the bottles all looked different.  There was a myriad of colors and flavors.  As a kid I always went for the colorful one which usually wasn’t the best tasting drink. 

From the door on the right was Mr. Sammon’s counter and candy display cabinet.  Many a kid drooled on the glass and left finger prints on that display.  It must have been a great way to catch the last kid’s cold by rubbing your face on that glass, but it was mesmerizing.  There were so many choices.  If you were a younger kid like me, you would tell him how much money you had and he would tell you what you could get.  Then, he would reach into the cabinet in slow motion for effect and put it on the counter until you spent every last cent. 

The other thing he had for kids in the store was a small toy selection.  I mean good cheap crap that you should never buy, but you could get for a dime back then and have a toy to play with while you filled up on your sugar high.  He had those little wooden airplanes that broke by the end of the day.  He also had bolo paddles that the elastic and ball fell off also by the end of the day and my favorite the parachute man who got tangled within about 10 minutes, what treasures for a five year old boy.

How about you?  What was the name of the corner or country store in your childhood?  Do you remember?  Childhood days were awesome weren’t they?