The End? – Y2K Again!!!!


Do you remember Y2K?  Many said that the end of the world would be the year 2000.  Companies and the government spent billions of dollars to keep the end of the world from happening.  Do you remember getting up January 1, 2000?  I do.  It was sunny that morning in the South.  The birds were singing, the leaves were dancing and I’ll be dog…the electricity was still working.  The Bible says only God knows the hour that this world will end and if you’re reading this…it’s not now.

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that times are hard right now.  I’m 41 and for the first time in my life, I am having to beat the bushes to find a job.  But, here’s the deal.  My God is still on the throne.  I am not a slave in a country run by a dictator or searching for the necessities of life.  Not yet anyway.  Americans have always been PIONEERS.  Well, it’s time to start pioneering!!!!

Have we forgotten the things we have overcome as a country.  We MUST overcome again.  First, we overcame British rule to become a brand new, free country.  We overcame the Civil War.  We overcame the assasination of a great Republican president, Abraham Lincoln who helped to abolish slavery.  We overcame the Great Depression.  We overcame WWII.  We overcame the assasination of other leaders, JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. both in the 60s.  We overcame the Korean, Vietnam losses.  We overcame conflicts of all sizes.  We overcame Y2K.  We overcame 911.  We overcame recessions and dismal economic conditions before and we will do it again.  We will overcome these days we deal with now.

All I am saying, is that it’s time to stop moping around like spoiled defeated babies and stand up right where we are and become the difference makers we should be.  Whatever we each can do in our own influence we should be doing it instead of whining.

I call on MY GOD to help you and me to be the best CHRISTIANS, LEADERS, ENCOURAGERS, and AMERICANS that we can be and begin to help make a difference right where we are.

…..If you lost everything materially that you have….have you lost everything?  Let me answer that for you, NO!!!  What about your family?  What about your HOPE?  What about your GOD?  Begin loving people and standing for something more than a retirement account or more money in the bank.

Let me say one thing extra, I don’t see how I could make it through struggling times such as these without JESUS CHRIST in my life.  I pray that our country will be CHANGED one heart at a time and that we will become fighters again for freedom and a country that GOD can bless again and again.

God bless you and may you make a difference where you are.


11 Responses

  1. Thanks Eric…… you! 🙂

  2. Very well put Eric!

    I have a guy in my warehouse talk to me yesterday about the president election. He is from the country of Laos. He was wondering why all this whining and back biting was coming from the Christian sector about the results from the election. He tells me he is a Christian and I believe him. But he did say this: if he was not a Christian he would not want to become one if all Christians ever did was fuss, argue and whine about things like election results. He ask me why can’t you all support the president elect in PRAYER and trust God will lead him. MAN that hit between the eyes like a 2×4 piece of wood!

    So I challenge anyone who reads this blog to support the leaders of this great nation in prayer starting with Obama/Biden right down to the mayor of your town. Even if it was people who was elected into office we didn’t want in there. It’s up to us as Christians to show the world we are different and show others that God is on his throne!

    Peace and blessings to all!

  3. I’m encouraged. You have convinced me. You can make a difference. Now make a decision, and stop beating the bushes. The offer still stands.

  4. “Begin loving people and standing for something more than a retirement account or more money in the bank.”

    Love it…

    God is on the throne and my Christ follower’s job description is still the same today as it was Tuesday afternoon!

    Game on!!!

  5. Thanks Eric, you are an inspiration. Thanks for the reminder at how mighty our God is. May He continue to bless you , Dana and your boys…still praying for you brother.
    J & D

  6. Kurt: I hear ya bro. I have a couple of opps, but I hope that door stays open.

    Jay & Denise: Thanks for checking out my blog. Jay, you especially might enjoy the post with Michael Alsup, guitar player with Three Dog Night. Denise, check out the interview with Flaviu Pop, I had some fun there. Hit me anytime. Thanks again.

  7. Eric–

    This is truly awesome!! We went through all of those same emotions when God took us through the fire that led to John’s job change and possibly the worst crisis we’ve ever been through together. We learned so much about what was important and who we are within the purpose God had for us — not in what we possessed or in what we’d had taken away.

    There’s so much more to who we are as a nation than the man who leads us. We need to get past the whining and get back to the business of praying for our leaders and loving our neighbors — no matter what side of the political fence they stand on.

    This post was truly an encouragment!!!

  8. Joy: Thanks for posting, great insight! Charge!!!

  9. Hey bro – you know I’m praying with and for you… in fact – I’m right in there with you. Maybe I’m off track… but my sense is that, apart from your personal job search issue, you could have written this blog a year ago – two years ago – five years ago… We (Christians) have been pretty tied to the traditions of a past that has, for far too long, assisted us in being largely ineffectual and lacking in the glorious nature of the One who has already won — and the victory that is ours to share in, if we want to (as much with the actions of our lives as with the words we speak in church)
    Thanks! – Great post, as usual..

  10. Dan: You’re right and if you look back at some of the previous post and the post today, you just keep seeing the same issues.

    The economy can get better, gas prices can go down, we can get a conservative Christian prez., we can sell our house or houses, we can get the six digit jobs and have all the retirement in the world and it still comes back to whose kingdom we are living to build.

  11. It’s already been said in so many words already, but I’ll put in my two cents.

    We, as, Christians don’t need to concern ourselves with who becomes president. Our responsibility is to do what Christ would have us do. That is voting “Biblically”. I know I did that on the 4th and I am at peace. Now is the time to pray for our leaders and leave the details to God. As you said, Eric, “He is still on His throne”. And that’s a comforting truth.

    We continue to pray for you and your family.

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