Georgia Bulldogs!!! Jab Blue Cats

Whew!!!  I’d like to let everyone know I passed the Bulldogs vs. Cats stress test today.  OMG! 

We came out swinging and went up quickly, but between our special teams, turnovers and penalties we really should be running laps around the perimeter of Athens.

Maybe I’m just being a hard nosed Bulldog alumni, but I believe we have talent that has less discipline than earlier years.

All in all….I am pleased with the win.  I was glad to see decent passing from Stafford, great running by Moreno, Massaquoi redeem his fumbles, a great reception by A.J. Green and the greatest defensive one hand reception by Demarcus Dobbs (Game Saver) I’ve seen and felt in a long time.



4 Responses

  1. The gray in the goatee spread a little more this afternoon!!! Sheeeeeez! The winning TD in the corner to Green with 4 KY defenders was sick! Not understanding why we call for the pass plays from the 10 with the studs the Dawgs have in the backfield. Bobo and Martinez need coaching clinics this summer….Go Dawgs!

  2. didnt get to see game, but from what i hear the cat should have won. why cant ga just go out and take care of business and not give me more heart problem. all the talent in the world.

  3. So….where was the entry for last weeks game????
    You know the one I’m talkin’ bout!!!!
    GO GATORS!!!!
    I know you’ll be cheering us on for the National Championship!!!

  4. Sherry: I haven’t posted on most of the games of the Bulldogs, but since you brought it up I’ll say that we didn’t even give Florida a game. We gave the game away and then Florida as usual rubs it in a little more. Very little class, but a great team. I really like Tebow and that’s about it. I’ll be pulling for Texas Tech for the National Championship. Thanks for asking though, hahaha!

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