WhyWORRY – part 2


OK, sorry…there is no part one from me because I wasn’t there for part one, but I will comment on part two and three of Andy Stanley’s series, WhyWORRY.

Today’s message was from Jesus.  Andy Stanley happened to be the voice for Him today.  The passage was Matthew 6:25-34. 

In this passage Jesus asks, “Why do you worry?  Don’t you realize that if God cares about things as simple as the birds and flowers that He cares about you.  He knows what we are going through on a daily basis and is waiting for us to give it to Him.  If we worry, we’re no different than the atheist who believes there is no God.” (EB Paraphrase…read it for yourself)

Where there is WORRY, there is very little FAITH.  Where there is FAITH, there is very little worry. 

We must do all the things we can to prepare, plan, or do to help our situation, but in the end we have to have FAITH that God will provide for us like he does the birds and every other earthly creature.

We must turnover OUR kingdom to Him and live for HIS kingdom.  Whenever we change our devotion to HIS kingdom, we will begin to WORRY less about OUR kingdom.  

This message and the last several months I have endured was confirmation for me that I have FAITH and I bet you have some similar situations that prove your FAITH.  I still don’t have all the answers, but I have FAITH that He is going to provide for all of our needs.  He already has.

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