Bulldogs Slobber Over the Tigers

evil-richt-georgia-bulldog-mark-richt-in-all-black1Well, it wasn’t pretty, but it was a win.  I wasn’t overly impressed with our defense today and Stafford didn’t seem to have his whole game on.  Moreno, Massaquoi and Green all looked great!  We should have beat them by two or three touchdowns.

I thought the referees were pretty bad.  I saw several penalties that they either missed or decided to let go by.  I felt that many of their calls were slighted.  If they were not I’ll say it again this year, “we need to work on our discipline.”  We’ve had way too many penalties and stupid, mindless errors than usual.  What’s up with that?

Oh and another thing, does anyone know why Auburn is the tigers and the war-eagles?  Come to think of it, that other Alabama school is the crimson tide and the elephants.  What’s up with the Alabama schools?  Do they have a TRADITIONAL team name and a CONTEMPORARY team name?



3 Responses

  1. Dawgs: My oh my! I think you summed up practically the entire season pretty good….”stupid, mindless errors.” Best played game of the year was against LSU. Everything else was the result of various stages of stupidity and mindlessness with very little focus on the task at hand. I love the Dawgs but this 9-2 team has got to be the most underachieving bunch ever! Hard not to blame the coaching staff regarding preparation. If everybody on defense could come as ready to play as Rennie Curran, then we’d be talking about some good football!

    AUBURN WAR EAGLES: That’s actually their fight song supposely composed because of some wounded civil war soldier that survived one of the last battles (of Atlanta I think). He was found wounded on the battle field with an eaglet near him. He recovered and went to Auburn to continue his education. Somebody wrote a song about it. Then when football started it automatically became their fight song.

    ALABAMA RED ELEPHANTS: That started in 1930 when Alabama played in the Rose Bowl, went 10-0 and won the national championship. It was said that the team was so big and massive when they got
    off the bus, dressed in crimson, “the earth trembled” like a herd of elephants. I wonder how big they really were compared to today’s players.

    I haven’t heard it in a long time but the LSU Tigers were also called the Chinese Bandits. Never knew why. Anybody know?

  2. A “W” is a “W”….even the scary ones!

    Refs after us bigtime…hate to be a conspiracy theorists, but dadgum!!!

    Everybody knows that Abalama is all backurds!

    uhemmm…I get that Trad vs Cont ref….

    GO DAWGS beat the Jackets!

  3. Free: Thanks for the info. Yep, we got talent. We just need to lose some of the BONEHEAD.

    Adam: You smell my rose? I should probably be more vocal, but I’ll stay merciful for now.

    Kurt: I had to save your comment. You will see it this week when I bring back the Thanksgiving post. Speaking of BONEHEADS. I can be one sometimes too.

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