Georgia Bulldog Fans!!!

georgia-bulldog-logos180x360s180x360Just got back from the game a few hours ago.  Thanks again to my bro inlaw, Tony for the tickets.  Well, we got WET and from all senses of the word.  I walked away thinking about the whole season and here is my two cents and it hasn’t changed much since I last posted.

DISCIPLINE, or the lack there of, is the reason we were not stronger this year.  You can blame it on youth for the offensive line, but that’s not why we lost the REAL games.  We struggled to focus when focus was needed. 

Today we were up by three scores and our lack of discipline, focus and motivation let the opponent get up by two scores on us.  That’s five scores that they made to get ahead.  You can have the best QB, RB and WRs in the nation and if you don’t have discipline you can’t contend in the REAL games.  Look back at the losses, they didn’t beat us (well, maybe Alabama did), we just gave the games away.  Florida never had to do anything, but keep their game plan.  We fell all over ourselves.  Tech, please, we should have wiped them out.  The OPTION is too hard.  Good grief…if you can’t defend that you don’t belong in the top 20. 

Oh well, just disgruntled and dissappointed I guess.  I still love my Dawgs, Coach Richt, Larry Munson (cool send off by the way), Vince Dooley (Again, nice honors today), and the Bulldog Nation.

Hey, do you think Stafford and Moreno will be with us next year?  Let me know.


4 Responses

  1. Tech played a good game of keep away today! I guess you go with what works, but come on…they must have no confidence in their quarterback to throw!!
    I had tickets as well, we opted not to go though, staying dry while sitting on a warm couch seemed the better option.
    I could see Stafford going to the NFL just because of the numbers in our wins; however, I think the losses will kill his numbers and rankings for the draft. Moreno on the other hand, could do well in the draft, but not ready for the NFL yet. He really needs a good offensive line for him to shine.

  2. Why Dawgs lost: Lack of tenacity and consistant focus ….2 TD’s on long runs from GT were missed assignments and a failure to wrap up on tackles. Stafford threw a pick for 6 and I still don’t see the guy he was throwing to. A fumble on the 30 yrd line on a kick off that turned into points for Tech.

    That Knute Rockne offense did not beat us…
    Tech was not a better team. Although they wanted it more.
    Make “1” less mistake and it’s “8” in a row.
    Hello Peach Bowl!

  3. Fool me once, shame on you Willie. Fool me 12 times, shame on you Mark and/or AD Evans. Discipline can be taught by coaches. This loss belongs solely on the shoulders of the defensive co-ordinator. He fell into Paul Johnson’s trap. The Dawgs thought they had it stopped by halftime, and they pretty much did have some control. Eric, it was probably hard to see from your seats but GT starting pulling guards and tackles for extra blockers when they ran the perimeter option and keeping them at home when they ran up the middle. But Willie had no idea what to do. Not to mention the poor play of #9, (I won’t mention his name), who alone allowed GT nearly 150 yds. rushing because he didn’t realize the trailing tailback was his assigned man. Time after time he committed too soon to the ball, putting himself out of position. And when he was in position he just plain out didn’t tackle, which can also be taught. This is a coaching problem and Mark Richt has some tough decisions to make regarding the DC. I just don’t know if he’s tough enough to do it. And while he’s at it, I wonder if he realizes there is nothing special about our special teams. We need a bulldog with lipstick , SARAH PALIN FOR DEFENSIVE CO-ORDINATOR!

    With the possibility of the NFL putting on salary caps for rookies in 2010, who could blame Stafford & Moreno for leaving? I think they’re both gone.

  4. GO JACKETS!!!

    Sorry Eric, I hope you still will speak to me. 😉

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