Fly Like An Eagle

FLY LIKE AN EAGLE is one of my favorite Steve Miller Band songs.  He had some cool stuff and wasn’t a bad guitar player.

On another note, I think I flew more like a sack of potatoes Tuesday.  I had to fly to Boston and back for an interview and the airline that I flew was not flying like an eagle either.

My original flight was at 8:40am.  After we waited 30 minutes on the plane they replaced two parts and still had issues.  They had us come off the plane and get in line to get our reassignments.  Next, we walked quite a distance to another gate and boarded that plane for a 9:45am flight.  The plane left at 10:55.  Nough said.

I arrived in Boston at 1:00pm and called my contact.  We met for an hour and a half at the Hilton at Boston’s Logan airport due to the lack of time I now had in my schedule.

At Logan airport I received my boarding pass and the gate, flight, and seat number were all changed.  I waited at the gate until 4:30pm for my 4:40pm flight and they told us that we would have to go to another gate to catch a different flight to Atlanta.  It was on the other side of the terminal.  Everyone booked it and we stood in line to get our new flight and seat numbers.  We boarded the plane and waited 20 minutes.

The pilots for both flights actually did well to try and make up some of the time, but when we landed in Atlanta and made it to the assigned gate there was no walk way for us.  There were no employees at that gate to get it done, so we had to wait for about 20 minutes (the time the pilot had made up).

All in all, my interview went well and I got home at 8:30pm.  What a day!


By the way, the airline is huge and it’s hub is in Atlanta.  Guess who?


5 Responses

  1. So the bottom line is that “Your Spirit Carried You”?

  2. Flying stinketh!

  3. It does sound like you had quite a day. I bet we all have similar stories esp. those that may travel some or often for business.

    I have a story about trying to fly back to ATL from Canada with a boss who a) liked to leave way too late to get to the airport to fly home, 2) who chose not to carry her (expired) passport so she had to sit in customs in Canda answering 100 question like what is the state bird and flower and being told an expired passport is better than no passport, all while I am waiting on her. Customs then gets suspicious of me becuase I am waiting on her & we run thru the Canadain airport like crazy after customs releases her & yep my bag then gets searched at the gate (all because of my boss) and I do finally board the plane & we get home. Never again did I travel with her to Canada unless we left early, I drove, and she had her passport.

    I am so glad that the interview went well. You and your family are still in my prayer book. I think of yall often.

  4. That’s really kinda funny! You should send this to the “huge Airlines” website – atten: Customer Service -see if they get a chuckle.

    See ya soon!

  5. Bottom line is…I liked the song FLY LIKE AN EAGLE. The rest is just enduring life.

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