Christmas Gophers!!!

gopher-family-shot1This moment was kind of scary…The Cains have a serious gopher problem in their yard. Kevin is running with the gopher’s egg from the largest gopher behind the big oak tree in the background. Michael was attacked and pulled through the gopher’s tunnel. Tony (red) is trying to get to Michael before the gopher pulls him all the way through the hole. I am running after the third gopher in order to save the children.  Evan (#7) and Justin (white)….have no clue that we have been invaded by gophers and that explains why they are doing nothing. Don’t worry…Michael was fine. Tony stomped on the gopher hole and the the gopher shot out of one of the knot holes in the oak tree…he was deader than a hammer. The other gophers took one look at Seth’s fashion statement and his GGBL(Got Gophers Break Legs) t-shirt and ran off.

So…. we went inside to open Christmas presents. Another great family Christmas!!!


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