Thank You, President George W. Bush

I am thankful for the Presidency of George W. Bush.  He took the blame for much in the end, but I don’t think there were another set of shoulders who could carry the load of so many other’s mistakes.

I realize he wasn’t perfect, but he is one of my favorite leaders of all time.


A Great Story

I can’t believe this got by me a couple of years ago, but I was busier then than I am now I guess.

Check it out.  What great stories are made of.

Andy Stanley – National Prayer Service

Fear – the paralyzer

I am reading a book that has me thinking that in our youth we have been taught to hold back to a fault all for our own protection, but when you can’t confront people, new seasons or situations,  or fear every decision in your life you can become helpless.   Often we don’t try things because we are afraid. 

Here is a list I’ve thought about lately:

Starting our own business
Singing in public
Speaking in public
Traveling abroad
Interviewing for a new job
Trying a new restaurant
Worship in a different music style
Try new methods of work, school, church
We don’t try things because we have been convinced that failure HURTS.  Guess what?  It does.  But everytime we fail, we have become more prepared for the next time and we have experience others don’t have.
What we were taught as children truly was for our protection, but the very fear we have sometimes keeps us from fulfilling what we’d really like to try, sample or benefit.
Well…..even if we don’t try something….guess what again?  We still may suffer consequences of failure, rejection or hurt because we never fulfilled our ability, desires and so on. 
So……should we go for it or sit in the corner and wait for the end to come?  I say GO FOR IT!  With great consideration we should attack it.  That reminds me of another book, but I don’t have time to mention it. 
“But, deal with FEAR we must,”  as Yoda would put it.  (The only reference I gave and it was to a fictional character, sorry.)



You tell me.  I just took the photo.  It was an unusual shot so I took it.  Mean anything to you?  OK, here is my attempt.  It’s a good thing to have a shadow.  It’s sort of like birthdays, as long as you have them it’s a good thing.

What da heck?



This was my day yesterday.  Count to 1000.  Maybe I’ll be up by then.  Dude…………….

Guitar Hero

bobbin-guitar-hero1O.K. first of all, I don’t mean to embarrass my Mom, but I haven’t been able to help that for many years now.  All I have to say is that I am the apple and she is the tree.  Make your own assumptions.  I will say that she is much more reserved than I.  Moving on.

She was the Guitar Hero Christmas morning!!!  Yes sir, check it out!  I wish I knew which song they were playing, but I don’t. 

Isn’t it amazing what we will do to buy into our kids or grand kids?  I know my Mom would not be playing Guitar Hero otherwise.  You know what?  A few years ago she was so intent to play football with them in the front yard that she was injured pretty bad.  She fell while running with the ball.  She broke her nose and the top of her arm bone that connects with the shoulder.  Titanium screws and all she was put back together.

Here is my question for you and you’re going to love it.  Would you do what it takes to win over your kids or grand kids?  Would you encourage your kids to play Guitar Hero even though they might decide to become serious rock and rollers?  Would you play ball with them in the yard even though they might miss church because of some sports event that interferes with the hours of the church?

I would.  You know why?  Because I’m not afraid of what they might become.  I am afraid of what they might NOT become for Christ because I imposed my religion on them rather than imposing my relationship with Christ on them.  They don’t have to see me do many things, but they must see me strive to be like Christ whether it’s in my work, parenthood, sports, music or any other life interest.

I dare you to be a Guitar Hero…I dare you to be in the world, but not of it and make an everlasting impact on those who come after you.