Guitar Hero

bobbin-guitar-hero1O.K. first of all, I don’t mean to embarrass my Mom, but I haven’t been able to help that for many years now.  All I have to say is that I am the apple and she is the tree.  Make your own assumptions.  I will say that she is much more reserved than I.  Moving on.

She was the Guitar Hero Christmas morning!!!  Yes sir, check it out!  I wish I knew which song they were playing, but I don’t. 

Isn’t it amazing what we will do to buy into our kids or grand kids?  I know my Mom would not be playing Guitar Hero otherwise.  You know what?  A few years ago she was so intent to play football with them in the front yard that she was injured pretty bad.  She fell while running with the ball.  She broke her nose and the top of her arm bone that connects with the shoulder.  Titanium screws and all she was put back together.

Here is my question for you and you’re going to love it.  Would you do what it takes to win over your kids or grand kids?  Would you encourage your kids to play Guitar Hero even though they might decide to become serious rock and rollers?  Would you play ball with them in the yard even though they might miss church because of some sports event that interferes with the hours of the church?

I would.  You know why?  Because I’m not afraid of what they might become.  I am afraid of what they might NOT become for Christ because I imposed my religion on them rather than imposing my relationship with Christ on them.  They don’t have to see me do many things, but they must see me strive to be like Christ whether it’s in my work, parenthood, sports, music or any other life interest.

I dare you to be a Guitar Hero…I dare you to be in the world, but not of it and make an everlasting impact on those who come after you.


5 Responses

  1. I love it! Great parallel. You made me think !

  2. Hey, Eric! I really enjoyed reading this! Kyle has Guitar Hero, and yes! I became a rock- n – roll MOM! He allowed me to sing “Eye of the Tiger” while he played guitar and Austin played drums. I, maybe just me, had a really great time!

    Glad to see the boys had a fun Christmas – best wishes to you all this new year!


  3. Hey Man –
    You are at a tremendous advantage — or is that disadvantage — because you know me… and you know my answer on this. But – first of all, Ann and Nancy Wilson ain’t got nothin’ on your Mom.
    Eric – as a father of 3 and a grandfather of 1 – I can tell you first hand that sometimes the worst kind of judgments we make are in our own families. If we really love our kids… really love them – not religiously control them — then we will hold them in an open hand. That may mean getting over some of the add-ons (rules) we’ve touted as “godly”, and would swear were “scriptural” – and get out of God’s way long enough for Him to let our kids become what and who He desires. God is all about developing the next Eric Clapton, Tiger Woods, George Clooney, or Cindy Crawford.
    Steven Curtis Chapman has an older song entitled “God is God and I Am Not”. If we would live our lives more cognizent of this reality and less committed to the idea that we are somehow put on this earth to help Him control everything… wow!, I wonder what the world would look like…

  4. In it, not of it! Spot on! Rock on!

  5. Well said. As parents, we forget that regardless of the things we do to “shape and guide” our kids ultimately it is our prayers and the “giving away” of her kids to God that is necessary and will be the most beneficial. It is so hard to let go and let God, but its that dependence that our kids need to see. 🙂

    Your mom rocks in WAY more ways than on the surface Eric!
    OH….and I have heard from a good sources that Marty rocks pretty hard too.

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