Fear – the paralyzer

I am reading a book that has me thinking that in our youth we have been taught to hold back to a fault all for our own protection, but when you can’t confront people, new seasons or situations,  or fear every decision in your life you can become helpless.   Often we don’t try things because we are afraid. 

Here is a list I’ve thought about lately:

Starting our own business
Singing in public
Speaking in public
Traveling abroad
Interviewing for a new job
Trying a new restaurant
Worship in a different music style
Try new methods of work, school, church
We don’t try things because we have been convinced that failure HURTS.  Guess what?  It does.  But everytime we fail, we have become more prepared for the next time and we have experience others don’t have.
What we were taught as children truly was for our protection, but the very fear we have sometimes keeps us from fulfilling what we’d really like to try, sample or benefit.
Well…..even if we don’t try something….guess what again?  We still may suffer consequences of failure, rejection or hurt because we never fulfilled our ability, desires and so on. 
So……should we go for it or sit in the corner and wait for the end to come?  I say GO FOR IT!  With great consideration we should attack it.  That reminds me of another book, but I don’t have time to mention it. 
“But, deal with FEAR we must,”  as Yoda would put it.  (The only reference I gave and it was to a fictional character, sorry.)

2 Responses

  1. i likey: with great consideration & attack it!

  2. You’re right. Just think of what we could accomplish if we were not afraid. What a different picture we’d be looking at. Very true words written here. I hope you are doing well!

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