Dacula Falcons Freshmen Baseball Team

So, here’s the deal…they just won it all!!!  The Dacula High School Baseball Freshman team went 14-4 for the season record and beat Parkview for the semi-final and Brookwood for the Freshman Gwinnett League Championship, Saturday afternoon at the home of the Loganville Red Devils.

Congrats DACULA FALCONS!!!!04252009-18504252009-193


8 Responses

  1. Nice, boys. Nice! Congratulations!

  2. Just awesome!

  3. Way to go Michael! Miss you guys…how’s it been at NPCC…We love Andy…My really great friend Kathy Winchell goes there with her family. I think her son Ben is one year older than Michael. Dana miss you girl!!! HUGS! BTW…we are expecting in October. We find out next Wednesday what we are having…we’ll keep you posted!!! God bless!

  4. Eric and Dana,
    Congratulations…this is a great accomplishment and I just hope and pray it carries over and leads to the same at the varsity level…love you, see you…Lowery

  5. AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  6. Congratulations and God bless you all!

  7. Awesome! Way to go Michael and the team! That is quite a feat winning a gwinnett Co title!

  8. Great job guys! Congratulations on a great season and winning the championship. Not a bad start to your high school careers!

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