The End of an Era

Copy of 1182008 013Just got back from the Harbins 5th grade Graduation.  Ev graduated tonight.  We have no more children in elementary school.  We’ve done sock hops, fall festivals, PTA events, Christmas festivals, open house and many other events at Harbins Elementary School for the past ten years.  Now…it has come to an end.

The babies are growing up.  Next fall we have a middle schooler and a high schooler.  Wow…time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.

Do you remember when your children finished their elementary days?


9 Responses

  1. wow, Ev, congrats!!!! EB, how time flies ….

  2. did u say, middle schooler???? that’s up my alley :)))))

  3. They grow up so quickly! It’s bittersweet, but it is what they are supposed to do. Congrats to Evan!

  4. We’ve just completed Kindergarten in our house. What an amazing year, how they have grown inside and out. It does slip by fast. Glad you got that pic as it seems harder to get them in front of the camera in middle school or so it seems with some family in middle school. Congrat’s Evan.

  5. Hey, dont feel bad. The babies are growing up? My baby girl is graduating Friday night! : – O

    • I should say, graduating High School. They didn’t have all this graduating 5th grade and such back in the day. 😉

  6. Hang on!!! It moves even faster as they go through MS and HS! Put your seat belts on and Enjoy the ride!

    Congratulations Evan! (btw: enjoyed Michaels football pics)

    Have a nice summer!

  7. Amazing isn’t it…Awesome job Evan!!! I completely understand what you mean Eric…We have a middle schooler, two elementary schoolers and one on the way!!!!! In a few years we will have one in each grade from preschool to high school…I try to treasure every moment I can but the time just seems to fly by faster than ever. God bless and have a great summer!!!

  8. Congrats Evan!!!
    Time doesn’t stop for anything does it. I remember all of them, they were all very special. We have 3 out on their own, 1 will be a Junior in HS and 1 going into 3rd. Wow, after typing that out I feel so oooooold. Going to bed now I’m tired…………….

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