The Best Vocalist…Period

danny_gokey1Sorry, that’s what I believe and my decision is not based on anything other than the vocal abilities and uniqueness.  Danny Gokey has that THING that makes you want to listen.  It’s truly a gift I believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for Kris Allen and he is an all american looking dude who I enjoyed watching win American Idol, but he doesn’t have the chops Danny Gokey has.

As for Adam Lambert, he does have that image like Elvis and uniqueness as well, but the voice isn’t attractive in a pop culture.  I think he will make an excellent rocker and would have made a great lead singer for any of the big hair and make-up bands of the 1980s and 90s. 

Anyway, they all will do well monetarily and America made a choice, but here’s the deal….I would only BUY the sound of Danny Gokey.  Sorry Kris and Adam.

Oh yeah…my family was pulling for Kris all along.


5 Responses

  1. I agree with you Eric, that Danny Gokey does have a unique voice that makes you want to listen. I’m sure he will do well and we’ll probably be listening to him for many years on the Fish. As for Adam, I think I saw Brian May offer him s job at the end of “We Are The Champions”!

  2. I with you man! Gokey is the only one that appealed to me.

  3. I really didn’t see any of this so I don’t have an opinion either way, except that Kris spells his name like a girl. LOL!!

  4. danny gokey for prez!!!! i like the raspy deal in the voice. and he a Jesus freak, from what i heard from Perry. holla

  5. Eric,
    I have always chosen the best vocalist from as far back as I can recall by the way it stirs my Soul. If it moves me inside then its on the top of my list. Danny was one of the ones that did that for me. So did Kris and sometimes Alison. Just my 2cents!

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