Things I Miss


having a REAL job, the kind where you have a routine and your family doesn’t wonder what you are going to do from day to day.

those little boys that loved Thomas the train, throwing the Pooh ball in the house and sitting in Daddy’s lap in Daddy’s chair.

the small town and community I used to live in.

my old dirt bike.  I felt like I could go anywhere at any time.

my grand mother’s (plural) cooking.  There gone, but can you imagine what heaven smells like now?

being in shape.  I actually used to feel like an athlete.

the days when we were not instantly accessible.  No phones, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury.

going fishing with my Grand Dad.

being able to stay up real late and sleep real late the next day.

spending the day at Six Flags as a kid.  Riding rides twenty or thirty times in a row.

playing football, baseball and basketball competitively.

some of my hair.

the slower pace of life.

someone being offended because you didn’t wave when you passed them at a four way intersection.

How bout you?  Do you miss anything?


2 Responses

  1. miss having deadgum joey next door every day … yup, i miss that ….

  2. I miss the old America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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