Keys Make All The Difference

If you don’t believe me…go somewhere about 20 miles from home and lock your keys in your vehicle.  If you are lucky like I am and have a loving, kind and precious wife you’ll be fine, but if you don’t what would you do?  Who would you call?

It’s an awful feeling when it happens.  Dana brought me a key and TOLD me to put it in my wallet.  So, I did.  But, I got to take her to lunch and it was worth locking my keys in my car.  Weehoo!


In a Cage with a Hacked Off Hawk on a Bad Hair Day

So, last Saturday I get the urge to buzz my head.  You know, clippers!  Dana hates when I get those things out.  She knows some body’s gettin’ a hair cut EB style.  Often, I don’t do so well with the clippers, so I understand her hesitancy.

Well, I’m a quarter of the way started on my buzz cut when Dana calls.  She is at my folks house checking up on some things while they have been out of town.  She’s a teeny bit concerned and I can feel it in her voice.  One of the panes in my folks breakfast room window is totally blown into the floor.  My first inclination was to tell her to come on home and I’d go back over after I finished cutting my hair, which I had to confess to her that I was doing right then and there.

She said OK and then hung up.  About a half a head buzzed later, she called back and this time she was a little more tense.  She had seen something in the hallway toward the bedrooms in the house and it was like a big bird, but she didn’t get a good enough look to identify it.  “COME NOW!” she said.

So, with a half a head buzzed, I put on a cap, told the kids I was going to their grandparents house to save the day.  OK, I didn’t say it that way, but that’s what I was thinking.

When I got there Dana was in the kitchen.  “It’s big!” she said.  “Oh Great!” I said.  The bird was in one of the far back bedrooms in the hallway, so my plan was to close all the other doors in the hallway and try to corral the bird and herd it back down the hallway and out the two open double doors at the front of the house.

As I made my way down the hall, the bird sensed my coming.  He started making these OMG flapping noises that I felt was to alert me that he was there and was not to be messed with.  I closed all the doors and when I got to that room, I darted into my folks bedroom across the hall  and closed the door.  I screamed out to Dana, “It’s a HAWK!!!”  At this point in the story…..we should all change our undergarments.  Plan B had to be implemented.  I was not going to SAVE the day.  I made a leadership decision to run for it and hopefully not get my eyes clawed out by a hawk’s talons.

I told Dana to clear out and don’t be in my way when I come running down the hall or it would be like getting hit by a truck.  She cleared…..I opened the door and there he was… two feet from my head.  I yelled all the way down the hall and ran faster than I ever have.  He didn’t follow me…..

My next decision….call animal control.  Dana called them and they sent out a guy.  When I told him the story he said, “I’ve never seen or heard of this happening.”  OH GREAT!  I wasn’t feeling much better than before he was there at this point.  The ole boy was a big dude though and wasn’t totally scared.  He did mention that he didn’t usually deal with birds and wasn’t crazy about a meat eating hawk.  Long story short, after a few funny moments and fear, the animal control guy got the hawk out without any of us, including the bird being hurt.

The moral of the story…….know when to call in the professionals.

Amazingly the bird did very little damage other than the window and a couple of times he must have been scared as well and left deposits for us to clean up.  We patched the window and went home.

I walked into my house, went straight to the bathroom and buzzed the other half of my head.   -The End-

One of HCA’s Newest

This excerpt is from the Hebron Christian Academy website.  A great school in Dacula, Georgia by the way.  Congratulations to all the Pops…..

Calin Pop


Dr. Calin Pop is one of our newest additions to the faculty here at HCA, and it hasn’t been the shortest of journeys. He left his home country of Romania to live in Illinois. After twelve years of residence in Chicago, Dr. Pop felt God’s hand leading him to Georgia, where he has become the Bible teacher for both sophomores and seniors at our school.

Dr. Pop attained his first teaching job at the Emmanuel Bible Institution in Romania as a teacher’s assistant for three years, followed later by another three years at the Trinity International University in Chicago, Illinois. As recently as March he has received his Ph.D. in Theological Studies and the Old Testament.

With Dr. Pop’s knowledge and experience in the field of Biblical Studies combined with his passion for following Christ, his classes will definitely be something to look forward to this year.

by Alex Jones

Calin is also the brother of a good friend of mine, Flaviu Pop and we have all become friends over the last few years.  I’m proud and I’m sure their parents are as well.  Congratulations Calin!

Jump Start vs. New Juice

I don’t know how many mechanics will actually read this, so I am probably safe in my diagnostics.  I’ve never been much of a mechanic, engineer or just handy man.  I try at times, but hardly ever do I come out on top. 

This week the battery in one of our cars died and I mean deader than a concrete block.  I decided to take out the old battery and go buy another one and install it.  No big deal right?  Well, it really shouldn’t have been and I have done it a few times, but it was the first time on this vehichle. 

First of all, I really should have changed clothes…common sense right?  Well, I didn’t.  I….got…..dis!!!  Oh, and I was wearing flip-flops (thinking the whole time… go put on some shoes you dufus).  I had to go through several  sockets to find the three different sizes for the bolts that I had to loosen.  Once, I dropped the ratchet and it fell all the way through and guess what it hit?!!!?          The floor………I did some flip-flop dancing like you’ve never seen and luckily it just skimmed the big piggy on my right foot…whew!!!  But, I gotter done and had everything put up in about an hour or so.

Have you ever had a dead battery?  Of course you have, we all get them.  It’s just comes with the wear and tear of the life of our vehicles.  If you’re like me, you probably jump start it as many times as it will before it completely drains of life.  How long do we sometimes try to just keep jump starting when what we need is some new juice.  Finally, without a new battery (the source of power) we can’t get it started no matter what we do.

This reminded me of our relationship with the Savior.  The very source and power of our salvation and life.  Here are a couple of verses in the bible that remind us of the power and fullness that Jesus provides….Rom 1:16 and John 10:10 (check’em out).  He is the source and when we neglect our relationship with Him we can begin to drag and become drained due to the wear and tear of this life.  We don’t need a jump start (put in our time at the church, sing a hymn, walk in the house without kicking the dog).  We don’t receive new power from check marking our religious boxes.  We get our power from spending time with Jesus through prayer (talking, listening and waiting),  or finding His encouragement in the Bible.  Also, loving others for His sake does wonders to generate power in our lives through Him.

So, when we are drained and when we need our source of power for this life, we can always turn to the MASTER MECHANIC and recieve new juice and power for living. 

I hope none of your batteries go dead this week!!!!!

Reflections of GRACE…..

Just wanted to share some thoughts today. 

I am SO blessed!  Don’t get me wrong….I have plenty on my plate that needs fulfilling or fixing, but I know how blessed I am and for that I have a peace inside.  Jesus Rules and He loves me!!  Cool!  Here are some awesome blessings that I have listed:

  • I have lived over 15,000 days and God has never let me go hungry even 1 day.  Makes me stop and think of those who have gone many days without food or clean water.
  • I have parents who love me and follow Christ – for REAL….follow Christ.  I know many friends who would give anything to have Jesus put their parents back together and have a family life of some normalcy.
  • My wife and kids have come to know Jesus and have a personal relationship  with Him.  I don’t have that to worry over.  However, I do have other family and friends that are either still searching or haven’t recognized the need of Jesus in their lives.
  • I have been a Christ follower longer now than I haven’t been.  But, I know there are many that I see everyday and scattered across this world who don’t have that relationship.  The word EMPTY comes to mind.
  • My boys both play organized baseball either with school or rec leagues.  They are extremely healthy and yet I know there are many children who would love to be able to run, see, hear, talk, not to mention play with a ball. 
  • God has been faithful even when I haven’t.  He has blessed when I have cursed.  He has loved when I have hated.  He has sacrificed when I haven’t.  Jesus endured all my sins and yours when we couldn’t. 

I could tell you of some things that are legitimate needs in my family and in my life.  I’m sure you could do the same in these tumultuous times we live, but for a moment, stop and think of all the blessings you and I have.

Jesus Rules!!!

The End of a Good Day

Great time with my family.  Great worship/message (graystone church).  Awesome time with my small group (pivitol circumstances – Andy Stanly small group material). 

A good day.  JESUS RULES!!!