Jump Start vs. New Juice

I don’t know how many mechanics will actually read this, so I am probably safe in my diagnostics.  I’ve never been much of a mechanic, engineer or just handy man.  I try at times, but hardly ever do I come out on top. 

This week the battery in one of our cars died and I mean deader than a concrete block.  I decided to take out the old battery and go buy another one and install it.  No big deal right?  Well, it really shouldn’t have been and I have done it a few times, but it was the first time on this vehichle. 

First of all, I really should have changed clothes…common sense right?  Well, I didn’t.  I….got…..dis!!!  Oh, and I was wearing flip-flops (thinking the whole time… go put on some shoes you dufus).  I had to go through several  sockets to find the three different sizes for the bolts that I had to loosen.  Once, I dropped the ratchet and it fell all the way through and guess what it hit?!!!?          The floor………I did some flip-flop dancing like you’ve never seen and luckily it just skimmed the big piggy on my right foot…whew!!!  But, I gotter done and had everything put up in about an hour or so.

Have you ever had a dead battery?  Of course you have, we all get them.  It’s just comes with the wear and tear of the life of our vehicles.  If you’re like me, you probably jump start it as many times as it will before it completely drains of life.  How long do we sometimes try to just keep jump starting when what we need is some new juice.  Finally, without a new battery (the source of power) we can’t get it started no matter what we do.

This reminded me of our relationship with the Savior.  The very source and power of our salvation and life.  Here are a couple of verses in the bible that remind us of the power and fullness that Jesus provides….Rom 1:16 and John 10:10 (check’em out).  He is the source and when we neglect our relationship with Him we can begin to drag and become drained due to the wear and tear of this life.  We don’t need a jump start (put in our time at the church, sing a hymn, walk in the house without kicking the dog).  We don’t receive new power from check marking our religious boxes.  We get our power from spending time with Jesus through prayer (talking, listening and waiting),  or finding His encouragement in the Bible.  Also, loving others for His sake does wonders to generate power in our lives through Him.

So, when we are drained and when we need our source of power for this life, we can always turn to the MASTER MECHANIC and recieve new juice and power for living. 

I hope none of your batteries go dead this week!!!!!


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